That means if we can find some worthy projects that will benefit our community, we can apply for matching grant dollars from Rotary National to help fund the project. In the past our Rotary has purchased the beach-ready wheelchair; enjoyed by many and a water truck loaded with clean drinking water to deliver to our local schools. We are now in conversation with several local organizations including the Red Cross, who could use a dispatcher type radio to communicate with their vehicles while in the field.

I am very excited to announce an upcoming fundraiser for our Rotary; made possible by Bill Gruwell and Courtesy Chevrolet of Phoenix. Bill has donated a car to our club to be sold or auctioned off to the highest bidder- all profits going to the Rocky Point Rotary. Bill and his family have had a home in Puerto Peñasco for many years. Thank you, Bill, for your generous donation; it is people like you through your investments in the community that make this such a special place to live and vacation. We will be able to use the dollars generated from this car to fund local projects.

The Rocky Point Rotary will be hosting a Rotary District Conference in 2024 and this is a really “Big Deal” in that people from all over Mexico and the U.S. will be attending. It will give many people an opportunity to visit the Puerto Peñasco community for the first time! Yep, there is a lot going on and I hope to keep you posted each month on the progress we make. In the meantime if you are interested to learn more about Rotary we have a website: or you can call me: Dr. Sally Downey (480) 612-5783 or attend a meeting every Wednesday morning at 9:00 AM at the Friendly Dolphin Restaurant in the Old Port.

Service above self….what a great way to live!

Dr. Sally