The Rotary Club in Puerto Peñasco is a service driven organization. My name is Dr. Sally Downey, and I am a proud member of that club. I have been a Rotarian for 27 years because I believe in the Rotary motto: “Service above self”. Upon retirement and life in the states, having served as president of the Mesa, Arizona Rotary Cub, I now affiliate with the Puerto Peñasco Club.

I feel it is important to make sure that this community is familiar with, and aware of, what the Rocky Point Rotary Club is doing. Recently our club helped to facilitate a free eye clinic in conjunction with VistAmerica and Rotary member Kathy Rios. Ophthalmologists and Optometrists from Hermosillo tested 174 children and provided prescriptions for 134 children to receive glasses; they will pick up their new glasses on November 12th.

This past summer our club worked with Dr. Roy Bryant and Alas de Amor along with a dental school from Utah to provide free dental care for 167 people, extractions, fillings, and cleanings were some of the services provided.

Fellow Rotarians or former Rotarians reading this article know that Rotary has a mission to eradicate polio around the world. This has been accomplished by many been raised and lots of hard work! However, lately there have been some cases of polio in Pakistan and Afghanistan, so the fight is not over but on going! Rotary continues to fight this dreaded disease.

On October 21st the Rocky Point Rotary Club hosted our Annual End Polio Now Dinner. Thanks to the many participants that bought tickets to the event and participated in the 50/50 drawing. It is because of your generosity that our Rocky Point Club will be able to contribute a significant amount of money to the cause of putting an end to the dreaded disease of polio.

My goal is through the help of the Rocky Point Times Newspaper to keep everyone in our “Little Slice of Paradise” abreast of what the Rocky Point Club is working on or planning for the months ahead. I also want to invite any visiting Rotarian to Rocky Point to join out meeting each Wednesday morning at 9am at The Friendly Dolphin Restaurant. Also, if there are any interested readers that would like to join or learn more about our club, we would love to hear from you. We do have a website: and our email address is: or you can call me: Dr. Sally Downey (480) 612-5783. See us under the Clubs and Organizations Section on Page 37.

“Service above Self” What a great way to live!!!