The Earth is electrically charged, known to electricians as ground; the Earth naturally produces electrons. Electrons can possibly be the most effective antioxidants. Recent “Earthing” research has shown that the body responds to the electrical charge from the Earth. You can see and feel this electron energy, vividly demonstrated by lightning. When an electrical system is installed in a building, the electrician grounds the wiring into the earth; so too is our body grounded to the earth, when we are not insulated against the current. Electrical wiring is insulated by a coating of non-conductive material like plastic to inhibit its electrical effects. So do asphalt, plastic or rubber soled shoes, wood, and sealed concrete inhibit your body from being grounded. Our ancestors, and currently some 3rd world countries, walked barefoot and were in contact with the natural electrified surface of the Earth.

When a part of the body is injured in any way, such as from a bump, pathogens or toxins, the immune system responds, sending white blood cells to the injury; the inflammatory response kicks in and begins the healing process. This response sends free radicals to the injured tissue, breaking apart the damaged cells so that healthy cells can move in and repair the injury. Unfortunately, healthy tissue is also attacked by the free radicals; the surrounding area also becomes inflamed. The inflammatory response manifests itself in five ways as: pain, redness, heat, loss of motion, and swelling.

Through hundreds of thousands of scientific researches, chronic inflammation has been linked with chronic diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, kidney disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, autoimmune disease, chronic pain, inflammatory bowel disease, gastritis, allergies, asthma, and cancer. The body can naturally stop the inflammatory response, but sometimes it doesn’t; that’s when it becomes chronic. Interestingly, 30+ years ago there were 4 known autoimmune diseases, today there are 90, and more are being identified.

It is believed that inflammation is a consequence caused by insufficient electrons in the body. Electrons are negative and free radicals are positive, automatically neutralizing each other. The earth’s natural energy produces negative electrons that are absorbed, distributed and stored in the body tissue, ready for use. That is, if the energy can conduct into the bio-electrical organism, namely us. Research has shown that the electrons thin the blood, thereby reducing the viscosity of the blood through the vessels and arteries, reducing cardiovascular disease, the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.

For absorption, the most sensitive part of the body is located in the foot, known as K1 in acupuncture, the ball of the foot. This acupuncture point is connected to all of the meridians and can send the electrons throughout the body. Kidney 1 is believed to be a major energy vortex having the ability to positively stimulate the body, mind, and spirit. If the ball of the foot can connect with the earth’s energy, for even 20 minutes, it may have a noticeable effect on the inflammation and the pain associated with it.

Ninety-nine percent (99.9%) of the molecules in our bodies are water. Many people are dehydrated. Hydration is extremely important to the conductivity of the electrons. Our bodies are naturally made up of seawater; it is recognized that seawater is highly conductive of electricity, as is wet grass, and to a lesser extent arid land. Ideally walking barefoot in the sea or even on sea-wet sand will send electrons up through the foot and revitalize you. Injured and inflamed parts of the body may be immersed, as well. Some say they can feel the energy as a tingling from the sea water. People have reported that they can feel stress draining out of their bodies, the reduction of inflammation and pain, and better sleeping. Barefoot means no water shoes, flip flops, rubber- or plasticized-soled shoes.

Earthing is an enhancement to health; earthing is not medicine or a substitute for medical treatment. Earthing is safe, natural and free.