“Better Than Me, Three Generations of Inner Strength” is a book written by Albert Monreal Quihuis. It is the winner of two International Latino Book Awards, “Most Inspirational Story and The Best Story with a Latina Theme.”

This is a wonderful story of what life was like in the 1960s when Rocky Point was a small fishing village with a population of 5,000. Readers will glimpse into the lifestyle of Mexico and see the challenges of everyday life. With a real-life portrait of a close-knit Mexican family who lived in Rocky Point. This is a heartfelt journey of 3 generations of strong women, Manuela, Maria, and Veronica the youngest daughter. As seen through the eyes of Veronica the book reveals the family’s secrets, challenges, exposing the truths and untruths and how they had to deal with their real-life struggles. Follow them as they go through murder, betrayal, hardships of poverty and even a real-life miracle.

This inspirational historic memoir has a bit of everything: folklore, Mexican princess, ghost stories, pirates, a dance marathon at the old Capri, murder, a brothel, bullies, survival, betrayal, education, love of family, and yes, even Pancho Villa. Come along on their lively, stirring quest to create a better life when Maria takes her family to Puerto Peñasco supporting them as a seamstress and then eventually goes back to the US with Lily and Veronica.

Also there is a love story… love at first sight and how it affected the destiny of the family. You may remember the wonderful restaurant in the Old Port, named Lily’s, it was named after Lily, Maria’s middle daughter. And let’s not forget Pepe the parrot, who was a Rocky Point native and kept Jesus aka “Cara de Angel,” busy with the pretty ladies. This essay is a very short overview. There are many more stories in the lives of these women waiting to be divulged in the book. If you love Rocky Point you will love the insight into some of the history about the families and the town. This book is a must and an easy read, available on Amazon.

Albert Monreal Quihuis is the author to “The Legacy Journal, The Treasure Map to your Life and Heritage,” and the award-winning children’s books “Sofia and Pepe the Parrot Adventures.” Albert writes multicultural books to inspire everyone to learn more about their culture and heritage. Books are available on Amazon, for an autograph copy aquihuis@msn.com  www.albertmonrealquihuis.com.