I have many people ask me, what is Rotary? So, I thought I would start this article by answering that question. Rotary is a global network of 1,400,000 neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem solvers, who see a planet where people come together and take action to generate lasting change in the world, their communities, and in themselves.

Rotary was born from the vision of one man, Paul Harris, a Chicago lawyer who founded the Rotary Club of Chicago on February 23, 1905. Their purpose was to form a circle of professionals engaged in various vocations aimed at fostering the exchange of ideas and forging bonds and relationships. Rotary clubs exist all over the world and practice a universal motto: “Service Above Self”.

Here in Peñasco our local Rotary Club is hand at work fostering positive change for our community. Recently our mayor, Jorge Pivac, and veterinarian, Erick Gastelum attended a Rotary meeting to discuss, once again, the prevalence of the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever/Rickettsia in Rocky Point…It is a real problem and has resulted in several deaths. The Mayor stressed that this is a citywide situation and is going to require a continued effort from the city, and other resources to get this disease under control.

Thus far dog and cat sterilization campaigns are underway thanks to a donation of a mobile clinic from Fundacion Aquiles. Also, fumigation for both the Rocky Mountain Fever as well as dengue, anti-rabies vaccinations for rabies are also being done. Medicated baths for dogs and medicine for fleas and ticks have been made available by Rotary. As we continue to problem solve this issue, we may be able to submit an application for a Rotary Global Grant to assist our efforts. Afterall our club was successful in bringing $800,000 of medical supplies across the border to five local hospitals, and we opened a water purification plant so our elementary school students could have fresh drinking water, so why not help with the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever/Rickettsia problem in our community?

As you can see there are so many ways to become involved in our community and Rotary gives you that avenue.

If you have any interest joins us for a meeting every Wednesday morning at the Friendly Dolphin Restaurant in Old Port. If you can attend at 8am there is a briefing in English. The regular meeting is at 9am (mainly in Spanish) or call me, Dr. Sally Downey at 480-612-5783. We also have a website: clubrotariopuertopenasco.org.

“Service Above Self”, what a wonderful way to live!