Spring in Rocky Point is a busy, busy time and so has it been for our local Rotary Club: The “Fish Bowl” fundraiser netted over $6,000 USD, Super Bowl Square sales netted $7,000 USD, and we netted $10,000 USD from the sale of the car which was so generously donated by Bill Gruwell of Courtesy Chevrolet in Phoenix. This Spring fundraising was a record for our club!

We are now in the process of identifying community needs that we can support financially. A recent presentation from the Health Department informed us of a severe health issue that needs immediate attention. Puerto Peñasco leads Mexico in the number of cases of Rickettsia, untreated symptoms of this condition can result in death. Rickettsia is a very similar to “Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever” and is transferred to humans from dogs and cats that are infested with ticks and fleas. The climate, sandy soil, many homes with dirt floors coupled with large numbers of dogs and cats in our community make Puerto Peñasco a breeding ground for Rickettsia. (For more info visit www.mauoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/rocky-mountain spotted fever/symptoms.) Fumigation along with a treatment administered to dogs and cats will be necessary to combat this disease. WE as a rotary club are talking about how we can help. As we learn more, I am sure you will hear more about this and how you can help.

Recently, the Scottsdale Rotary Club parented with us as they continued their support of La Montana School. The Scottdale Club purchased security cameras that were installed throughout the school campus. La Montana School that serves 100 handicapped students experienced several break-ins while closed during the pandemic. These break-ins resulted in losses of equipment and supplies. One particular class where the students were learning carpentry skills lost all their hand tools – what a shame! Hopefully the security cameras will prevent future break-ins.

Again, because we have a local Rotary Club it opens up the opportunity of partnerships and many benefits. Rotary clubs form around the world can target the needs in our community and together we can make a positive difference!

As always if you are interested to learn more about Rotary, you can visit our website at clubrotariopuertopenasco.org

“Service Above Self”…what a wonderful way to live!