Since my last article our Rotary Club has participated in our annual business meeting, hosted our first planning meeting for the 2024 District Conference, said goodbye to our three exchange students, conducted a three-day dental clinic for local participants and, in addition, installed our 2024 Officers. During the next several months I will be sharing a lot of information about the Rotary District Conference that will be held here in May of 2024. The expectation is close to 1,000 participants from Mexico and Arizona, that will be attending.

Our first (kick-off) meeting was held at Playa Bonita with Rotarians from Caborca and Arizona attending. We will be planning this conference together! The dates are May 2nd-5th, 2024.

We have hosted three exchange students this past year, the students were from Germany, Brazil and Taiwan. All three were extraordinary young people and we hope after spending almost a yar in our community with host families will take back to their respective country a feeling of “good will” and understanding of life in Mexico. That’s what the Rotary exchange program is designed to do – build bridges between all countries!

The next year we will be sending four students in our Rotary “Outbound” exchange. Our Outbound students will be going to Hungary, Taiwan and France. What a marvelous experience for these young ambassadors! I can’t wait to hear about their experiences!!!

The recently hosted dental clinic was a huge success! Thanks to a dental college from Utah and a donation from the Church of Latter-Day Saints (of their facility) we were able to provide free dental services to 400+ individuals of all ages. Our Rotary Club tries to facilitate this clinic twice a year.

Hopefully by the times you read this your will have had an opportunity to purchase water at our new water distribution plant on Luis Encinas – remember this will help us sustain our fresh drinking water delivery to all the schools in Rocky Point – go fill up!

Just a reminder our weekly meetings are held at Las Olas Restaurant, every Wednesday at 9am. Come join us to learn more about Rotary and how good it feels when you follow our motto: “Service Above Self”.