Traumatic Birth Syndrome“Stand up straight!”
Remember your parents telling you that?
Well, they were actually doing my job for me.
Most people don’t understand why children need chiropractic, when in reality they need it more if they want to grow up to be healthy, pain-free adults.
So how does what you did as a child affect your current health as an adult?
Let’s go back to before you were even born. If your mother had any interference in her nervous system, it affected how you rotated and turned in her womb, as well as your nutrition, development, growth, and your birthing process. These factors lead to “In-Utero Constraint”, which is a situation where in the last trimester of pregnancy, the baby becomes “trapped” in a precarious position in the uterus. It is unable to free itself and this position can be maintained for up to 3 months!
Imagine being stuck in a horizontal position across the uterus… you will most likely be born with a considerable scoliosis, or curvature of the spine.
Or imagine being trapped with your head in extension resting back on your shoulders. This places unwanted pressure and stress on areas of the spine that are not ready to handle such stress, and can lead to an early onset of arthritis.
I can’t even hold that position for an hour without having neck pain, let alone 3 months.
And then comes the birth process which is a very normal biological process, however an estimated 60-90 pounds of force is used on an infant’s neck during delivery.
And this is all before you were even born.
As babies learn to walk, they will fall an average of 15x/hour.
What if you fell 15x/hour? How much pain would you be in?
Studies show that 95% of infants have vertebral subluxations after birth, which is when a spinal bone moves out of alignment pinching a nerve that exits between the two vertebra. Now remember, every nerve sends messages from the brain to every cell, tissue, and organ in the body telling it how to function.
If your cells, tissues, and organs aren’t getting the proper instructions from the brain, how do you expect them to function, especially during the most critical developmental years of your life?
And yet people usually have their first spinal checkup at age 47. Just imagine what your teeth would look like if your first dental visit was at age 47.
80% of all children tend to have a subluxation in the upper part of the neck which may make them susceptible to a number of diffuse symptoms which have baffled physicians for years, as well as causing a lower resistance to infections, frequent colds, colic, ear problems, hyperactivity, asthma, allergies, bed-wetting, and many other common childhood ailments. This area of the neck also controls whether or not you breathe.
A traumatic birth, known as Traumatic Birth Syndrome, is the 6th leading cause of infant deaths and accounts for 85-95% of all health problems I see as a chiropractor.
If you know a child, please have them adjusted sooner rather than later!