“Happy belated Valentine’s Day”…This is a phrase most people visiting or living in Rocky Point would be hard pressed to use. If you have never spent a Valentine’s Day in Rocky Point, it would be hard to appreciate why you can’t say, “I forgot”. The reason is, that almost every intersection seems to have people either in the street or on all four corners. I saw baskets with stuffed animals and boxes of candy, red roses, from a single rose up to two dozen, assorted flowers and ‘I Love You’ balloons. Not to mention that it seemed everywhere I went someone was dressed in red. Fortunately, for me because I am a forgetful person, I used this opportunity to buy a couple of Valentine’s baskets for the girls at the Rocky Point Times office.

It was reported in the local newspapers that Sam’s Club will start construction on the property next to the Bodega Aurrera, our Walmart affiliate, which is on the main Blvd. Benito Juarez. Another big name franchise in the auto parts industry is nearing completion on the southwest corner of the main Blvd. and Samuel Ocaña (the red light as you enter town) – Welcome AutoZone!

If you are wondering about what all that new construction is going across from Reggies 8/12 on Sinaloa Ave. It is new housing for the marines. One of the buildings is shaped like a tall pyramid, I thought it may be used for some sort of training exercise, turns out it is a giant water tank, I’m told.

Almost every time I drive around town, I see roads that are newly paved or under construction. The newest is an extension of the new Coastal Highway from El Golfo de Santa Clara and San Luis. It has been extended about 3 miles further south and connects with the road to the resorts and Sandy Beach, (our sleepy little fishing community is become very cosmopolitan).

Congratulations to Chef Mickey and Gabriela Mata for winning the Taste of Peñasco Iron Chef competition. It was the second win for Chef Mickey and the first for Gabriela, who is a culinary student at the local university U.T.P.P. The two of them had only 2 days of practice together prior to the contest. There were a total of six restaurants which entered this year; Chef Mickey’s Place, Coyote Grill, La Cocina de Ramon, Mayan Palace, Mare Blu and Capones. Mickey’s winning dish was a “Stuffed Date and Shrimp with Gorgonzola Cheese” and the dessert prepared by Gabriela was a “No Bake Cheese Cake”, with a peanut brittle, strawberry date base. Chef Mickey has been a popular chef in Rocky Point for the past 10 years. He recently left Las Palmas and opened his own restaurant, named of course, Chef Mickey’s Place, in Plaza del Sol on Blvd. Fremont. The restaurant is open 7 days a week from 10AM  to 10PM, has seating for 40 people, and catering is available for weddings, special events, etc. Besides his daily specials, every Thursday it is All-You-Can-Eat pasta for seven dollars. They accept Visa/MasterCard. For reservations call (638) 388-9500.

We have a nice new, big cruiser in town, and it’s called ECO FUN1. She went out on her Rocky Point/Sea of Cortez maiden cruise for sunset on the eve of Superbowl Sunday. She is a 2009, 70 foot catamaran with a double deck and capacity for 100 passengers. For information about the ECO FUN1, visit their website at www.ecofunrentals.com.

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On a sad note, all of us here at the Rocky Point Times Offices want to offer our condolences to friends of Mary Anderson, a Rocky Point resident who, before her death at 96 years young, always celebrated each Rocky Point birthday with the popular Mariachi Band, Hermanos Duran. They were close friends for many years. She was a great lady. We will miss you Mary.