Cover0116Whoa!! What the heck happened to 2015? This past year sure sped by and especially these past few months. It seems it was just non-stop, which is a good thing. The Rocky Point Times Newspaper is going into its 25th year and we are busier than ever. Lots of new businesses to stop by and new people to meet and I see 2016 being even busier than this last year. I don’t have the official stats, but it seems that 2015 surpassed 2014 as a great year for tourism, local businesses, and staying out of the “bad” news. A few bumps in the road with street construction, but now that most of it is done we are all very happy. The overpass was completed on time and I noticed that they added a few more stop signs to the roundabout underneath so it’s not too confusing. We didn’t get much “fall” weather, and like last year, we had a few rainy days to remind us that you can’t live in paradise 365 days a year.

I’m not sure what else I can tell you that will be new news coming into this New Year. Of course we are all looking forward to steady progress on our Home Port and an increase in tourism this coming year. Everything looks pretty darn dandy to start 2016. So, Happy New Year and welcome to a great 2016!
Our new Mayor Kiko Munro, has only been in office for 100 days and has already commissioned at least 6 streets to be re-surfaced and/or completely re-done, and he just opened a temporary shelter for the homeless during this extreme cold weather. It is at Colonia San Rafael, on Calle 48 (street 48) and Simon Morua. If you know of anyone that is homeless and needs a warm place to sleep, this is the place to go.
Remember to book your New Year’s Eve Celebration as early as possible. I ’m sure almost every establishment (restaurants and bars and others) will be offering something special that evening. As for me, I will wish you all a very Happy New Year from Cabo San Lucas, where I hope the weather will be just a tad warmer than it has been in Peñasco.

As ever…check our Events Page in this issue for things to do after you recover from New Year’s Eve. South Side Jillz is having an 8-Ball Tourney on New Year’s Day. Jillz is a lot of fun if you haven’t been and it’s a great place to meet up with some local-yokels. Catch Mark Mulligan at the Caribbean Parrot on the 2nd after you spend the day shopping at the Mermaids Market. More fun stuff during the month and definitely check out the 1st ever Aerostatic Balloon Festival in Rocky Point. We need a balloon festival! For up to the minute events and goings-on, please check out our Facebook Page – and Like Us, of course. I think Sandy has a whole year of fun stuff and giveaways planned for Facebook this year. Yahoo!
The book we introduced you to a few months ago, “History of Puerto Peñasco” by Guillermo Munro Palacio (Memo), sold out of stock shortly thereafter because of the great demand. It is available, again at the Shakespeare Book Store in Old Port next to Thrifty Ice Cream. Pick your copy up as soon as possible.
Oh, one last thing. I swear I saw a passenger train while on our last El Golfo Run. Not sure where it was going or what the stops are, but I’m sure Sandy has all the info. (Turns out it is not a passenger train, but a clinic on wheels. “Dr. Vagón” travels to parts of Mexico with the poorest of families. All their services are free!)

Last but not least, our next (40th) “El Golfo Run” is scheduled for June 3-4-5, 2016, and you need to contact Alicia or Sandy at Rocky Point Times Offices 383-6325 or email
Sandy, Alicia, Mario and Myself wish you and yours a spectacular New Year’s Eve and the best 2016! May you all be Happy, Healthy and Prosperous this coming year.