L: October is finally here, and I sure hope the weather has changed by the time you are reading this! I think everyone is pretty tired of summer by now and we’re looking forward to opening up our windows and doors and letting the fresh air blow through. We have great temperatures, but we just need the humidity to go away!

We did catch a bit of a break when we headed to Baja Wine Country for a week mid-September. It was pretty warm over there too, but less humidity and the nights were very cool…and they have wine! We stayed at a very cool little 5-room bed and breakfast for a couple days then rented a house for a few more days all the while hitting up some great wineries and artisan cheese shops. Alicia, Mario and myself were actually “working” with Wayne to help him source out some wineries to come and present their wines at the Laguna Shores Resort Wine Tasting Event in February 2019. We met a few of the owners, tasted a lot of wine, and it should be a very cool event for us wine lovers. They have some great whites and rose’s and interesting reds. So, look forward to stories about our adventures in the coming months.

I’ve not been around much this summer (fair, wine, travel, love it!), so I’ll leave it up to Mario to tell you what’s going on around town, but I do know we have a lot going on in October so be sure to check out this month’s Events and watch our Facebook postings for last minute fun stuff.

One happy ending…Congratulations to Steve Schwab, owner of Seaside Reservations, who will finally(!) be getting married this month…woohoo!! Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Schwab and we wish you all the best. (We’ll sneak some photos in for you next month.)

And a sad ending…We would like to send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of one of our contributing writers, Dan McWhitis, who passed away in September. It’s so, so sad when you lose a loved one and our hearts go out to his family during this difficult time.

M: Hello everyone, here I am once more, and the month of October is now starting. This year has flown by. It probably goes faster to us since we have to be a month ahead of our readers. Though I do think the months are getting shorter or I’m getting old. Great days are coming, the weather is getting cooler, I can tell when I take a shower – the water comes out a little cooler haha. I really do hate the heat!

Something to look forward to this month will be fresh shrimp! Last month the shrimping boats went out so this month we should start getting some fresh shrimp and we hope this season will be as good as the last one or even better. It usually starts out slow since we need the weather to be colder for the shrimp to come out of hiding. I am thinking about doing an article this next year where I follow the fishermen from the beginning – right from when they start preparing. I think it would be interesting for everyone to see just how much work goes into getting your fresh shrimp. Our fishermen have all my respect: They risk their lives to bring us the freshest seafood and shrimp the Sea of Cortez has to offer – as we all know, the sea can be pretty rough at times.

I believe the pangas are bringing in shrimp already, so the fish markets should be selling them by now. Remember to compare a few places before buying, prices don’t vary that much, but the couple bucks you may save can but you a cold cerveza! I love this time of the year because the weather gets cooler and I love shrimp! I could even eat them raw!! I posted a photo on our Facebook Page of a huge shrimp a few weeks ago and all of our FB Friends went crazy, liking, commenting and sharing the photo. It was NOT Photoshopped! It was an actual shrimp from our Mar de Cortez.

If you are on the fish market area, I really recommend you visit Pedro’s Restaurant. He will have fresh shrimp and you can have them cooked however you like. If you mention you read about him in this month’s Editorial he said you could get a discount or a free drink. Sounds like a good deal to me!

I will go back in time now…I’m sure many of you remember Hotel and Restaurant Costa Brava that used to be down on the Malecon in Old Port. They used to have one of the best shrimp dishes that I’ve ever had in my life, “Camarones Costa Brava”. Maybe someone still has the recipe and they can start making it ?, that would be great because I would probably be there every other day.

Next month is the Motorcycle Rally. Can you believe it will be Rocky Point’s 18th Annual? WOW! What a great event this has always been. If you’re just now looking for accommodations, you might get lucky and find one. If you strike out at all the Sandy Beach resorts and popular hotels, try some of the smaller hotels around town. (El Faro, the little motel right behind us is back open again and if you need some other suggestions hit us up on Facebook, email us or call us at the office.) And don’t give up – remember, there are always last-minute cancellations. It’s an awesome event and everyone has a great time showing off their bikes, eating, drinking, socializing, sightseeing and partying. The event does a great job of keeping everyone entertained even if you don’t own a bike you can still participate in the festivities and fun.

Continuing with great things, Manny’s Beach will be open once again by October 12th. Completely remodeled, with a new pool, new bar, new everything and same friendly service. We have been keeping up with their progress and it’s looking amazing. You can check out their progress via their Facebook postings. We will happily be there on opening day, taking pictures and sharing them on Facebook for all of you to see. As you know, Manny’s Beach Club is a Rocky Point icon and we are sure this will attract lots of people to the Mirador area.

Now for sports…We would like to congratulate Juan Francisco “El Gallo” Estrada for wining his last fight in Los Angeles, CA this past month. We hope his success continues and keeps making our city proud. If any of you like to see youth sports, there is always something happening on the baseball field or soccer field behind the big Baseball Stadium at the Unidad Deportiva. Soccer seems to be a bit more popular these days. Everyone is welcome to come and cheer and show the kids our support. That’s it for now! Until next month!