Mario and I are joining forces this month to write the Editorial because it’s hot, and humid, and no one wants to work (meaning me). And I really haven’t been in town much – or out on the town much – and as you read this I will be gone, once again. I will be eating cheese curds and gross stuff at the Minnesota State Fair with my brother. I’m hoping that it will be 60° and overcast the entire time I’m there. Ahhh, wouldn’t that be nice. Let’s hope that this humidity lets up in October like it used to do…we deserve a break this year!

This summer has been packed with people and crossing the border on Sunday has had many waiting in long lines to get into the U.S. On some weekends, even crossing on Monday, has you waiting in line. I refuse to travel on Sunday anymore unless it is an absolute emergency and even them I’m like, “how bad it is really?”. My husband decided to travel on the Sunday of the last holiday weekend and I figured that the border time website was off by about an hour. I haven’t done this on a steady basis, but I do know Alicia always tries to update our Facebook page to give you an accurate waiting time on the busy weekends. So, be prepared with lots of gas in the tank and water in the cooler when you go back home this Labor Day Weekend.

If this is your first time down in a while then you’ll notice that there is an inspection station set up by the Federales just south of the border (in the middle of the road). Sometimes they want to check every vehicle and some they will wave through. Just be prepared to go slow and stop for inspection if they wave you to the side. I’ve been stopped and inspected every single time, going north, and even a time or two on my way back into Mexico – for a while there I felt as though I had a bullseye on my vehicle. Yes, it’s a hassle and it takes time, but they have a job to do so just be aware and allow extra time on your trip home – and go slow as you pass them on your way into Mexico in case they want to inspect your vehicle.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Labor Day Weekend and if you’re here during Mexico’s Independence Day celebration, make sure you go downtown and join in on the festivities. I’ll see you in October. And now here’s Mario with more interesting stuff…

Ladies and Gentlemen September has arrived! The heat and the humidity are still present though not as bad as last month, but for me, this summer has been one of the hottest here in Rocky Point. Too much humidity, but nothing a cold beer can’t fix.

It’s almost time for all those who travel to come back to Rocky Point. I am talking about the snowbirds. They must be getting ready and getting their RV’s ready to come down to their favorite spot and enjoy the quietness. Don’t worry – your time is almost here…I know many of you would love to be here right now enjoying a very cold Dos Equis at JJ’s Cantina, right? I also want to say hello to our subscribers that can’t be here. Don’t forget you can always call the office for questions or rumors you may have heard about visiting Rocky Point.

You probably saw our newest 2-page ad in the August issue for Encantame Towers. It will be a new resort in Playa Encanto and it is a reality! We are sure it will be very successful and we’re happy because it will generate jobs and that is exactly what we need in Peñasco. We will keep you updated on the progress and we hope that the rumors of other resorts coming in the future are true – we will keep you posted.

The traditional “GRITO” is coming…as you know we are very passionate about celebrating the 16th of September and this year we will be celebrating Mexican Independence Day once more. It is our 208th Anniversary! We love to see everyone celebrating including foreign “locals” and tourists. There is always lots of food, drinks, traditional snacks, music, dancing, games, fireworks. Another great thing happening that day will be an exhibition boxing fight by El Bombon Chavez on the 15th at around 9pm. The celebration will start around 7pm at the City Hall and Shrimp Plaza on Blvd. Benito Juarez & Blvd. Fremont. Hope to see everyone there!

Another cool thing happening, even though not in Rocky Point, but close is the exhibition of baby mammoth skeleton (Mammuthus Columbi). The skeleton is around 15,000 years old and measures 4 meters high and it was found in the State of Mexico in 1995. The exhibition will be at Centro de Visitantes de la Zona Arqueologica Cerro de Trincheras from August 30th until Oct. 28th. The entrance to the visitor center is free. Trincheras is located between Altar and Santa Ana, here in the state of Sonora. It’s about a 3-hour drive from Peñasco and would be a great day trip or stay overnight: Trincheras has two small hotels for anyone wanting to visit or take a tour. We might take the trip ourselves to see this giant skeleton.

Have a safe Labor Day weekend!