We’re back…finally! We just couldn’t go another month not printing The Rocky Point Times Newspaper. Rocky Point just doesn’t feel like Rocky Point without the paper. And our advertisers and readers have been asking for it, and I know our subscribers have been missing their monthly fix. And we’re very happy to be getting back to life.

As of this writing, our beaches should be open (as of August 1st)). I’m not sure what it’s going to look like, but you can expect some new rules like social distancing, masks to and from your beach spot, supervised entry spots and maybe temperature checks, designated exercise times, beach closure at 7PM and probably a few more things that may not make sense to all of us. Remember you are on vacation and having a great time, so just try to follow the guidelines the city sets in place and let us all enjoy the beach. There has also been talk of the sanitary filter being moved to Playa Hermosa – so, let’s just wait and see what happens and how long it lasts. We’ve waited a long, long time for our beaches to open and I am definitely looking forward to going swimming, paddle boarding and taking my dogs to the beach during this heat and humidity. Check with your resort or HOA to make sure you are following all of the rules and guidelines – they will inform you of the city guidelines as well.

I, for one, will be happy to see the spray tunnel moved and eventually removed from the city. Since I live outside of the checkpoint, I have to get “hosed” every time I come into town. Ugh, I hate it! But I do love eating out, buying groceries and seeing my friends, so I’m just doing what I have to do. I know a lot of you hate wearing the mask – as do I, but again, you and I love eating out and shopping and seeing our friends, and don’t like fines, so this is what we have to do for now. And the fines are real my friends, and not cheap, so it would stink if you had to use your vacation money to pay a fine you could’ve avoided.

Speaking of avoiding…If you’ve been on social media these past few months – or even read the news – you’ll have seen that there were issues in Sonoyta where a group blocked entrance into Mexico for a few days. Sonoyta, who has no facilities and non-existent supplies is concerned about the virus. Peñasco and Sonoyta reached an agreement where our town is helping them with supplies and allowing their citizens in for essential activities like banking and medical appointments. (I have lots to say about this issue, which I will keep to myself!) As part of the “agreement” reached, Sonoyta has asked that you DO NOT stop anywhere in Sonoyta. You cross the border and drive straight down to Rocky Point. Again, DO NOT stop for gas, tacos, shopping, nothing – they do not want any risk of Rocky Point travelers leaving COVID in their city. And while you are driving straight through Sonoyta – DRIVE 40 KMH! DO NOT SPEED! The cops are thirsty. If you don’t speed, you don’t have to worry about going to the police station to pay your fine. (If you want an added layer of security, turn on your phone video and record your trip, and speed, through Sonoyta.) Sonoyta does not want to be put at risk by you speeding, getting a ticket, and having to stop in their city.

If you haven’t crossed the border in a while you will notice the installation of a sanitary filter in Sonoyta. It’s just past the border and military checkpoint. You will need to show your reservation and/or proof of residency to be allowed passage to Rocky Point. As of now you can be stop and have your vehicle searched at the border (red light/green light) and then a few feet up by the military. If you have never been stopped and checked by one or either of these institutions, consider yourself lucky. Being a full-time resident and traveling a lot, I am constantly getting checked. I get searched by the military on the way out of Mexico and then on my return trips, by Aduana at the border and then again by the military. It’s a bonus trip when I get pulled over into secondary on the U.S. side! Aduana/Immigration at the border is looking to make sure that you have all of your paperwork and that you are not over your limit on items you can bring into Mexico. The military is checking for guns, weapons and drugs. These guys usually give your vehicle a more thorough search. Ladies, you can take your purse with you. They may ask to look in it – open it up for them and let them look. You can watch them search your vehicle. In all my years – at all land checkpoints, I have never had a single problem and have been asked to open my purse only one time, which was a couple months ago. I always keep my purse with me when I get out of my truck and I always watch as they search my vehicle – I walk around my vehicle with them – and now they are encouraging you to follow them around. Many of them speak a little English now – and some speak really good English, so don’t be afraid and be polite.

The Malecon is open, restaurants are open, the beaches should be open, shops are open and we’ll be very happy to see you in Rocky Point!

Una mujer utiliza un cubrebocas para protegerse del coronavirus COVID-19 en el Aeropuerto Internacional Abraham González, en Ciudad Juárez, México. 14 de marzo de 2020. REUTERS / José Luis González