Spring is around the corner and Spring Breakers will be showing up soon! Time for some of us to stock up and hunker down and time for some of us to go out and have some fun: I think I may do a little of both this year. If you’re a parent of a Spring Breaker heading down to Rocky Point this month – or even a friend or relative – make sure you let them know that we have a daily shuttle service. Head Out to Rocky Point has been Peñasco’s #1 shuttle service making daily trips for over 17 years now. They offer pick-up and drop-off service, 7 days a week and Lynelle and her crew save you time, money and hassle. No paying gas or Mexican auto insurance and the best part is…no waiting in long lines getting back into the U.S. Yep, hours of your life saved right there – they get to go to the head of the line…huge bonus! Families headed down for Spring Break can also take advantage of this service. Don’t be worried about getting around locally, every resort and most popular bars and restaurants have a line of taxi’s waiting to take you wherever you want to go and if you’re staying in

Las Conchas or Playa Encanto or beaches south of the city, a cab is just a phone call away. You can reach Lynelle and Mike at Head Out to Rocky Point by calling (602) 971-0166 or visit their website at www.headouttorockypoint.com. They are definitely the smart way to travel – and you’ll get a Rocky Point Times paper to read on the way down and a ton of information from the drivers. It is actually a fun ride – I’ve done it myself a few times. If you do decide to drive your own vehicle down, remember to get Mexican auto insurance – IT IS THE LAW – and read Stephanie Woods “Travel Tips” article in this issue – some very good advice. You can get Mexican insurance online or stop in Ajo or at the WhyNot Travel Store on your way down. Your U.S. auto insurance is not recognized in Mexico!

The weather should be excellent…my forecast, of course! Last month I was at Wrecked at the Reef enjoying a few cold cerveza’s on the beach with Mary (yes, that Mary) and Sara, owner of MOO Steakhouse and Grille and we were wearing shorts and sandals – it was an absolutely gorgeous day! The whales are also here so it will be really nice to spend a few hours out on the water and catch them before they’re gone. Whale watching excursions are not very expensive and so worth it. If you haven’t seen them up close and personal, I highly recommend booking a day out on the Sea of Cortez.

I’ll be hanging out with the whales as well but am heading over to the Baja mid-month for my annual whale watching adventure. My sister-in-law, Eileen is coming in from Southern California and we are braving Hwy. 1 again, hopefully with fewer potholes, less wind, and no rain – though all of those factors mixed together did make for a thrill ride last year! This year we decided to extend our trip and spend just as many days in San Ignacio as we do in Guerrero Negro. Our first stop will be spending the night in San Felipe where we’ll meet up with friends Dan and Candy. Next, we’ll be heading over to Guerrero Negro where we get to hang out with, or rather pester, Tony Ballesteros spending days on the lagoon whale watching. So amazing! We also eat lots of lobster and shrimp tacos from Tony’s as well as hang out in the motel parking lot drinking wine with old and new friends. The vibe is so chill and so Mexico sitting there in our camp chairs with snacks and beverages – I just love it! Reminds me a lot of the El Golfo Run days.

Last year we (Eileen, Patti and yo) took an overnighter to San Ignacio and found San Ignacio Springs Bed and Breakfast which is on the river. What a find! We fell in love with the grounds, the yurts, the river, the vibe, and Bonnie and Paul, the owners were fantastic hosts. It was a quick trip, so we checked out the town of San Ignacio, but didn’t do any whale watching. This year we’re spending four nights there and are going to check out the whale action as well as take some day trips to Mulege, Santa Rosalia, Loreto – no telling where we’ll end up! A few friends and my nephew Ryan and his friend, also from Southern California are meeting us there as well so it is guaranteed to be a super fun time!

My first trip whale watching on the Baja was with Tony Ballesteros (Tony’s Mystic Whale Tours). He offers packages that include airfare from Peñasco, transportation in Guerrero, room & board, tours, whale watching excursions, swag, etc. (You may remember that Mary Snyder – yes, that Mary – Woman of the Year – and I flew over with for a couple of days and ended up having such a great time that we stayed for a week, running out of clothes and money, but it was so worth it!) If you’ve never been whale watching on the Baja, I definitely recommend flying over with Tony for the experience of a lifetime. He is truly the “Whale Whisperer” and is a treasure trove of knowledge about the Grey Whales, Laguna Ojo de Liebre and the area in general, plus he is a professional photographer, so you always get fantastic shots! I can tell you that there isn’t an experience much better than having a giant Grey Whale lying on its side under your panga looking you right in the eye. They are literally the size of a semi yet so gentle and truly majestic. Now imagine eight of them surrounding your panga! It is really something you have to experience for yourself. So, if it’s been on your bucket list, definitely give Tony a call at (520) 249-2337 and book your trip. His tours run through April, and you can usually catch him at the Mermaid’s Market as well. Even though I now drive over to the Baja, Tony still puts up with me and my shenanigans and includes me with his groups – or perhaps I just make myself a nuisance – either way – he’s always an amazing host and human being.

April will be here before you know it so if you haven’t purchased your tickets for the Woman of the Year fundraiser, I suggest you do so now! It is going to be the social event of the year for sure! Mary Snyder has been nominated for Woman of the Year – she was actually nominated in 2019 to be 2020’s Woman of the Year, but then covid happened. But this year it’s ON and the Gala is being held at the Convention Center on April 23rd at 7PM. Absolutely everyone is going to be there – should be super fun. Check out the article in this issue about the event and how to buy tickets. If you can’t attend, you can always donate and help young girls further their education.

Ah, Peñasco po-po…yes, I had the pleasure of being pulled over a couple weeks ago (on my way to the Woman of the Year’s house haha). The cop nailed me at the glorieta on Sandy Beach by the Encantame Office. He was at the stop sign in front of Encantame and I was at the stop sign on the side of Encantame: His bubble gums were on, so it wasn’t like I didn’t see him. I stopped and then proceeded around the glorieta. He followed me around. Hmmmmm. And he kept following me. Hmmmm. And kept following me. Hmmmmm. I finally got the hint that it was me he was after when he wasn’t passing me. So, I signaled that “I got it” and then pulled over into the empty sand lots on the other side of the road so I wasn’t obstructing traffic. It was dark, but not very late and no traffic was around. Two cops got out and one came up to my truck window and asked me for my license and asked if I knew why he was pulling me over? Nope, no idea. He informed me that I didn’t stop at the glorieta. For sure I did, I said…I clearly remember applying light pressure to the brake…and I clearly saw him at the other stop sign…so of course I stopped! Well, truth be told, I did the infamous and my favorite “California Rolling Stop”. I’m SOOO guilty of this, especially when there is no one around. I guess I do it so much I don’t realize I’m doing it even when there is a cop staring me in the face! (big groan) Here in Puerto Peñasco, a STOP is considered a FULL 3 SECONDS, which I already knew because I’ve been pulled over for my rolling stops before – maybe more than once if I’m being totally truthful. So, knowing that I was guilty I was prepared to follow them to the police station to pay my fine even though I knew Mary had nachos, beef stroganoff and meatloaf from The New Mexican Restaurant waiting for me…and I was REALLY. Alas, I actually do practice what I preach when it comes to not paying police officers on the spot – anywhere in Mexico. (Yes, I have been pulled over a lot in Mexico.) The police officer was nice, I was nice, and he did let me go with just a warning. Whew! On the way home I DID stop for a full 3 seconds, and I have to say it was very painful, but definitely not as painful as the time and money I would’ve spent paying a ticket.  Lesson learned…I hope! So, make sure you stop for a full 3-seconds at stop signs anywhere in Mexico. Now that I think of it, the last time I was pulled over in Sonoyta a few months ago was for the same rolling stop. Lesson not learned! Speaking of Sonoyta, the Chief of Police has issued a statement with some changes that are being made there as far as people being pulled over and fined for speeding. I am planning to have a conversation with the Chief to clear up some questions I have, so I’ll let you know the outcome of that next month.

Last reminder for Peñasco property owners, Oomapas is offering a 20% discount through this month, for residential (and commercial) properties if pay your 2022 water bill in full (annual) or pay for 6-months. Also, you can receive a 10% discount on your property tax if paid by the end of March.

I had a lot of articles I wanted to write and finish up this month, but my last Great Dane got sick and ended up dying so I wasn’t very productive. Lost my last Great Dane in June ☹ so a very sucky time as far as losing my favorite pets. I would however like to express my deepest gratitude to Mario and Alicia, yet again, for taking care of her and burying here at the ranchito. I think they have had a hand in helping to bury all three of my Great Danes I lost here in Mexico. Good human beings for sure. And I would also like to thank Dr. Erik at El Gallo de Oro Veterinary Clinic on Samuel Ocaña for taking my Breezy in and his valiant efforts to try and save her. Not only did he take her in as an emergency, but then he only charged me for the IVs he gave her – I’m surrounded by good human beings and caring souls – I must be very fortunate.

On a happier note, I hope to get some catch-up writing accomplished while at San Ignacio Springs this month – in the hammock, river side, sipping Malbec. Not sure how I’ll balance my wine glass and laptop in a hammock, but I’m surely willing to give it a try.

I did make it out to Santo Coyote Restaurant at Encantame Towers and what a fantastic time it was. I know the Old Gringo wrote about it as well. (Sometimes I think he shadows me, but he writes about it! haha) Santo Coyote It is definitely worth a visit. There were six of us and we had just about one of everything on the menu from their tableside made guacamole to the flaming Lomo – I don’t actually know the name of it since I haven’t procured a copy of the menu and was having too much fun eating and drinking to take notes. Gee, what a shocker! The Caesar Salad is like nothing you’ve ever experienced and alone is worth the trip. It is prepared from scratch, tableside, and then topped with delicious roasted vegetables. Really. Mind-blowing. The photos don’t do it justice. I’m definitely going back and will take better photos and grab a copy of the menu. The staff were on top of their game and it was some of the best service I’ve ever had in this town. We had a couple bottles of wine – a Malbec and a Cab/Tempranillo/Merlot blend, but better than that was the tequila. OMG! I never understood how my mother could sip tequila. Ick. BUT I get it now. I can honestly say that I had my very first tequila sipping enjoyment at Santo Coyote – a flight of limon, Clamato and diced olives, and Maestro Dobel Diamante tequila…what an experience!! I actually gave up the wine for the tequila flight…never have I ever, never, ever, ever done that! I may just head there tonight now that my mouth is watering! Full report next month.

This last part of this Editorial is more for our advertisers – and potential/future advertisers though I do encourage everyone to let businesses know that you saw their ad in the Rocky Point Times Newspaper. (It’s always important for businesses to gauge where their customers are coming from and what is working for them.) Rocky Point is a very unique city, proven in so many ways, one of those being that, at a time when mumblings have been those newspapers – and hand-held printed publications such as magazines, etc. – are a dying breed, the Rocky Point Times Newspaper is still here after 30+ years…still very relevant…still very useful…and still very highly sought-after month after month. Contrary to popular belief, social media and the internet have not taken over the world – not just yet – and especially not in Peñasco for a number of reasons. While they are very handy tools, the Rocky Point Times is still your best value when it comes to where to spend your precious advertising dollars to reach customers interested in Rocky Point. (And you do need to advertise – just watch your television for proof.)

We know our customers, and we know your customers, and we know that we actually reach your customer base. We promote your business online and in person and we have a loyal customer base not to mention that we acquire new readers every single day. We don’t come into town when times are good looking to make a quick buck only to leave when times get bad. In fact, we’ve printed the RPTimes every single month, with the exception of two months during covid when our city was closed off to the public. Think about that when you are questioning where to advertise. To toot our horn a bit more, we all live in Peñasco full-time (though my whereabouts are sometimes questionable haha) as do most of our contributing writers. All of us are vested and invested in our community and care about our community and its wellbeing, which has proven to be super important in the past few years as we all know. We are constantly promoting Puerto Peñasco no matter where we are – this includes our writers and advertisers – even my Uncle Pat carries papers around in his truck and hands them out wherever he goes.

Need proof? Ask any of our advertisers, some of whom have been with us since the beginning. We have been, and still are, the best place to advertise your business whether it’s a real estate company or a taco stand: You reach a huge portion of your actual customer base and build customer loyalty and trust through a printed product (yes, I can show you actual studies) – plus you get all of our big mouths as well. We are here month after month, year after year, and believe it or not, folks still want a product in hand – one that they can flip actual pages and have immediate access to impartial and accurate information. I’m not bashing social media (well, I kinda am) – it does have its merits – and we too have our own social media channels where we promote our advertisers and the city alike, but everyone is not on social media, especially when they are on vacation. We also provide the paper free online for those who like to read on their computers or phones.

I just wanted to remind everyone that the Rocky Point Times Newspaper hasn’t been around for 30+ years for no reason. We provide a quality product, have a loyal following, and people trust us because we care, and we’ve built that trust over the last 30+ years. We are always working to acquire new readers, introduce Peñasco to new people, and we are in a never-ending cycle of promoting Peñasco no matter where we are in the world. So, business owners who want better exposure for their businesses please call at our office at 383-6325 and we’ll be happy to help you set up a productive, budget-friendly advertising program. If you know of someone who is coming to Rocky Point, or you yourself are coming down, and would like a complimentary copy of the paper, just drop us a line with your address and we’ll be happy to send you one.

Happy Spring Break! Drive safe, be careful, stay hydrated and have a great time while you’re in Rocky Point!