ROSIE GLOVERYou probably have met Rosie Glover, and did not realize your good fortune! A well-known face in Rocky Point, Rosie brings energy, humor and solutions to everything with which she is involved – and she seems to be involved in everything!

Hailing from Pitiquito, a small town south of Caborca, Rosie grew up in Los Angeles, and had a wildly successful real estate career there. When she could no longer ignore Mexico calling her home, Rosie moved to Puerto Peñasco. Her plan was to sell real estate, but she quickly became aware of community needs beyond real estate. She saw the cultural divide between Peñasco’s Mexican and non-Mexican populations, the special needs of the growing expatriate community, and gaps in services to all residents. Perhaps most important, Rosie saw the potential of tourism in Puerto Peñasco, and how development of that tourism would help everyone in the town.

Started by Manny Sanchez, Rosie and a group of dedicated volunteers, Rocky Point Tourism and Visitor Assistance Office (TVA) celebrate its fourth anniversary in September. TVA is Puerto Peñasco’s source for tourists who need to know where to go for what and how to get there, for people wanting information about member businesses, for folks with donations to drop off for distribution, and for visitors who require reliable assistance in sticky situations. TVA provides 24-hour bilingual assistance to tourists and locals in emergency situations. Staffed entirely by volunteers, and funded with membership dues and donations, the TVA does not charge for services. The emergency number is (638) 386-9081, anytime, day or night.

Tune your FM radio to 106.1 every Saturday to hear Rocky Point Ramblings, one of only 2 radio programs in English in the state of Sonora. You guessed it – that’s Rosie live on the air, bringing entertainment, interviews, music, and information about Puerto Peñasco doings over the airwaves. If you cannot tune in, listen via internet streaming by visiting and click on the link on the Home page.

Have you attended A Taste of Peñasco, the Business Expo or the Jazz Festival? All are annual community events that owe a great deal of their success to Rosie’s creative energy. Year after year she gathers great people who work to put together events that are fun for participants, and do a great job of showcasing our community.

Do you need insurance? Homeowner and vehicle insurance can be bought from Rosie’s company, ProAlliance Insurance. How about bill paying for your Mexico property? Or assistance with Mexican immigration? Talk to Rosie or one of her able staff!

Drop in to the offices on Boulevard Benito Juarez, on the 2nd floor of the Tequila Factory building, daily between 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., and Saturdays from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. You will always find someone ready to help! If Rosie is out working an event, or is doing her live radio show, there will still be someone in the office for you. Call (638) 388-6624 (local in Puerto Peñasco), or (602) 773-1031 (USA number) to get in touch by phone. Make a point of meeting Rosie Glover – you’ll be glad you did!