Dollar Vs Peso2015’s rollicking ride for the Mexican peso vs. the U.S. dollar appears to be wrapping up with the dollar closing out the year very near its all-time high.

The exchange rate decreased $0.0026 pesos or 0.02% to $17.24 pesos on Thursday December 24 from $17.23 pesos in the previous trading session.

Looking back, the USD-MXN exchange gained $2.48 pesos or 16.81 percent during the last 12 months from $14.75 pesos in December of 2014. Historically, the Mexican peso reached an all-time high of $17.39 in early December 2015. The peso’s record low was $0.01 in May 1972.

Current record low world oil prices have been blamed for much of the peso’s weakness in respect to the U.S. greenback this year. However, as 2015 drew to a close, the administration of President Enrique Pena Nieto took steps to try to strengthen the Mexican currency, including raising interest rates.

The strong U.S. dollar has generally been a plus in respect to its important tourism industry. High American tourist traffic and hotel occupancy rates in 2015 have partially been attributed to the dollar’s strength, among other factors.

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