Whatever you call them, the shops on Revolución between the tracks and the Convention Center now under construction are surviving the time until the center is completed and the rest of the road is paved to the Sandy Beach resorts.

There was a time when this tight knit community of shop owners enjoyed more traffic as most everyone used that then dirt road to head for JJ’s and Cholla Bay. They were a regular stop for visitors to Puerto Peñasco

A few years ago when the city paved the portion containing the shops with a concrete surface and some architectural designs at the corners, it seemed a bright future was in store for the several blocks of shops.

Then the city paved the winding road to Sandy Beach and the big divided road around the Sonoran Sky, Puerta Privada and Las Palomas that intersects with that winding road up the hill to the Sandy Beach resorts of Casa Blanca, Princesa, Sonoran Spa and Sea, Las Palmas, Bella Serena, Sonoran Sun and the Esmeralda, then continues on to Cholla Bay. This improvement made a naturally preferred detour around the newly spruced up shops on the old Cholla Road.

In talking to the shop owners, their spirits are still up. They know that the convention center is going to mean a lot to their future business. Even when the road connecting to the Sandy Beach road is paved, they feel that will help as well. Most of the owners have been running their businesses for more than ten years so they’ve known the good times like many other shop owners in Puerto Peñasco.

There are some valuable assets among these shops that some of the newer fans of Rocky Point may not know about. There are potters and basket makers, shell collectors and designer glass sellers. There’s even a pharmacy on that street.

One shop in particular is “El Sol del Desierto”, owned by Rito Toribio Dominguez and his wife. Rito is a leather maker and has made all the leather goods you’ll see in his shop. He also makes many articles by special order; some for tourists and many for locals celebrating “quinceañeras” (girls’ fifteenth birthdays), anniversaries, and other celebrations.

Rito, like most of the shop owners on this street, is also very active in the Obrera neighborhood (Barrio Obrera) activities. The biggest one of the year is the Fiesta de la Santa Cruz held every May 3rd and makes up the largest celebration of its kind in the city. Rito will be in charge of next year’s celebration. For more on the Fiesta de la Santa Cruz, go to our blog article at http://www.sonoranresorts.mx/?p=4679.

We just hope the patience of these shop owners holds out until progress catches up along their route

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