Each June Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers bring more entertainment to their four-day Circus Mexicus Rock and Roll Festival. Peacemaker fans have come to anticipate a greater experience each year. This year the organizers have raised the bar to a level that is going to be hard to follow. This year could be the breakthrough year that Circus Mexicus receives its true recognition as one of the most unique music festivals around. Puerto Peñasco (Rock Point), Sonora Mexico that has been the home of all 25 Circus Mexicus events, has a lot to do with how unique Circus Mexicus has become.

As Rocky Point has grown, so has Circus Mexicus. Roger has always liked using different venues throughout the event and as his choices have grown over the years, he has continually expanded the number of stages on which his guest bands perform. Since, even at a population of roughly 60,000 (plus 5,000 or more during Circus Mexicus), it’s still an easy drive or taxi ride to the various performances thoughtfully scheduled around town. Instead of one huge area with one or two stages, fans get the variety of completely different places to see their favorites or one of the new bands that Roger adds every year. Geographically, no performance is more than 10 minutes from the last one or the next one. If variety is the spice of life, then Circus Mexicus personifies the spice. Peacemaker fans are the appreciative beneficiaries.

Just when you think Circus Mexicus can’t get any better, they blow you away with a schedule like this year with more bands than ever performing in more venues than ever in the most creative itinerary we’ve seen.

Just for starters, this is the 20th anniversary of the original Refreshments debut album, Fizzy Fuzzy Big and Buzzy. Fans are in for a special treat as the Refreshments will reunite with Brian Blush on lead guitar along with P.H. Naffah, Nick Scropos and Roger Clyne playing their entire catalog in separate sets over Friday and Saturday nights on the Mexican Moonshine Main Stage. During two full sets, fans can enjoy songs from their follow up album, The Bottle and Fresh Horses as well as a couple of rare B sides tossed in. RCPM will headline both nights with original sets. Two different bands each night will open for the Refreshments and RCPM.

The fun starts Thursday afternoon at Banditos with the first of 22 bands and entertainers in the four-day event. The annual Kick-Off party starts at JJ’s Cantina around 7pm with three bands appearing on JJ’s outdoor stage. The music will continue afterward at Bandito’s until the wee hours.

For all the details and schedules plus ticket information please visit www.circusmexicus.net.

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