Murals are being produced throughout the city with the message about the need to spay and neuter pets. These murals are being produced in areas with high visibility for pedestrians and automobiles. The intent of these murals is the desire to maximize the message regarding the need to sterilize pets and help reduce the high number of strays throughout the city.

Local organizations that rescue strays in the city are overpopulated, and very often, only a small number of these animals find a place they can call home. It is not unusual for entire litters of dogs and cats to be thrown out in the desert or the city trash dump. These murals are being created to create conscience and motivate people to spay and neuter their pets and prevent the cruel activities by some to dispose of unwanted animals.

These murals were paid for by donations of generous contributors through a GoFundMe posting. Because of these generous contributions, approximately eight additional murals will be produced. If you would like to help or donate an outside wall, you can contact Mario Garcia by email or if you would like to donate visit their go fund me web page at

All murals were done by local resident Manuel Torres.

1 – Don’t mistreat me for being a street animal

2 – Better a sterilized dog than 100 wandering

3 – Sterilize, Don’t Buy…Adopt