On Sunday morning, March 6, at least a hundred community walkers, bike riders, skate boarders and ATVs paraded down Blvd. Benito Juarez to raise awareness and support of the local chapter of Desarrollo Integral de la Familia, or more commonly known as D.I.F.

D.I.F. is a social support organization sustained primarily through donations contributed by individuals, organizations and various fund raising events. It provides medical aid and other essential services required by families in need of assistance.

The organization also operates a children’s home for disadvantaged youth, often the result of their parents suffering from substance abuses. The children – newborn to 11 years of age – are cared for until their families have been determined to have been adequately rehabilitated by local and state government social services agencies.

Located on the corner of Calle Marcelo Pino and Callejon Benito Juarez, the home is equipped to accommodate up to 50 children. D.I.F.’s Basic Unit Rehabitation Center is conveniently next door.

Similar to many special-needs associations, D.I.F. welcomes donations and gifts from the public. Any contributed assistance would be greatly appreciated.

A hundred or more participants walk, ride bicycles, skate boards and ATVs in a D.I.F. parade down Blvd. Benito Juarez in early March.

Enjoy the view.