MuchoSi-02Mucho si! That’s the response I got when I asked Edwin and Isabel if they liked the idea which I call, Touch a Life. You see, Edwin and Isabel are husband and wife with the handicap of deafness, thus unable to speak (mutes) although Isabel has partial hearing in one ear.

You see, rather than enduring poverty for the duration, we believe that if a few take interest and help and oh yes…this is not charity nor a hand out for they are proposing to work for multiple property owners, renters, RV residents, commercial property owners or anyone who will commit to one day a month (more if you need them).  They, yes that’s two, will landscape, clean your house, paint inside or out, masonry, detail your vehicles, or just about anything that would make your life easier. They will work Monday thru Saturday for eight hours each day.

They have an ATV that is their transportation and was graciously donated to them so travel to and from is their own commuting expense. Their daily fee:  $35 ($455 pesos). Think how much you could get done in 8 hours and it is only a once a month obligation. They have worked for me several times and we manage to communicate well with a little practice. If they work 22 days a month that’s $755 US, $10,000 pesos per month, that means DIGNITY and SELF RESPECT and HUMAN VALUE. That means food every day and a decent residence with electricity, hot water and human comfort that we take for granted.

Edwin and Isabel Osuaido are honorable, kind and worthy.  They join us at The Family of God Fellowship on Sundays.  Edwin is very strong and able bodied for strenuous work if required.
This is a great value to all participants and the benefits are spread to the giver and the recipients. Help me “touch a life.”
Contact Glen Paulsen: Mex cel: 638-386-1999. Email: MagicJack US #: (602) 512-1521.