Rocky Point, Sonora, Mexico now has world-class technology for ophthalmic surgery.

Mark Anthony Swanson is a doctor, surgeon and researcher in ophthalmology. Twenty years ago, he created Swann Laser Institute and currently is the only institution in Latin America to offer the LASER FEMTO SEGUNDO, German robotic technology for ocular operations.

In year 2000, Swanson created a technique that revolutionized global treatment of keratoconus or deformation of the cornea, changing the corneal topography of the eye, which avoids the need for transplantation, thus obtained the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Commission (EC) as international certifier of ophthalmic surgeons.

The successful implementation of new techniques and ensuring the use of high technology has led Dr. Swanson to open branches in Agua Prieta, Puerto Peñasco, Hermosillo and Cananea, where an integral service is provided.

Each clinic has the capacity to serve from 40 to 60 patients on a daily basis, and to perform 20 to 25 surgeries per day. It offers functional spaces, where you can find an optical shop, a pharmacy, laboratories and operating rooms. Swann Laser Institute offers, of course, world class treatments in correcting vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, also diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases such as allergies, strabismus, cataract, pterygium, and methods such as laser diodes for retina and glaucoma, phacoemulsification cataract among others.

The robotic precision reduced to five minutes the length of each eye’s correction, so that the average time of the surgeries performed in Swann Laser Institute is 12 minutes.

The relatives of the patient can see in real time the performance of the surgical procedure, using a closed circuit video.

Personal attention is a compromise, this has forced Dr. Swanson to perfect his passion for aviation and use it as his daily transportation vehicle.

What helps the successful development of the ophthalmic medical tourism in Rocky Point is providing to domestic and foreign visitors an integral service that includes pre-operative analysis, surgery, and accommodation at preferential prices.

Swann Laser Institute offers adequate infrastructure, certified personnel and the latest technology to ensure patients diagnostic certainty, speed of the process and satisfaction in the service.