It has been 15 years since a small group of visitors to Rocky Point banded together and started rescuing dogs and cats. The non-profit Corporation was formed in Tucson in 2001. What a huge difference in the treatment of the animals. It is a dream come true for me and all of our animal friends. When I cross the rainbow bridge I certainly want to be where my 4 legged friends are. How can anyone look into the eyes of a cat or dog, kitten or puppy and not believe that they have souls.

It has been a long tough journey for the animals with many changes in the manner that they are treated. The anti-rabico center (local pound) was built in 2006 after President Fox directed the officials to build the site after the city raided me in 2005. With many outrages citing the cruelty of the animals, finally our friends in Mexico stood up and made some changes. The animals that are surrendered now are held for three days for their owners to retrieve them. They are humanely Euthanized with legal injections after 3 days. The city has free spay/neuter clinic twice a year for the locals. There are also free rabies clinics and small monthly spay/clinics and educational programs in the schools. We have paved the way for new groups to start up and help with the animals. Dr. Rubio will be heading up the Health Department in January. We will keep you posted on what the future holds with the new officials.

We have puppies as young as four weeks and dogs as old as 14 years here at the center. Most are up for adoption. A few like Negra will live out her days here at the center. Negra was found on the streets under a tree with 8 puppies – all survived and were adopted. Negra was about 4 or 5 years old at the time and has been here for 12 years. Negra is a sweet girl that has lived a good life here at the center with lots of love, good food and a warm bed. Paloma was found under a trailer at Playa De Oro about 13 years ago. She is very fearful so she has stayed here at the center also. Tommy is another baby that is about 10 years old. Tommy has an allergy problem. It took years to figure out his allergy to grains. He now eats only Salmon and Sweet Potato Kirkland dry food. Thank goodness we can purchase the Kirkland food at Welton and La Cañada here in Puerto Peñasco. Negra, Tommy and Paloma will continue to live here at the center for the rest of their lives. They welcome all the newbies!

All of kittens that were rescued this year have survived and we have at least 25 additions to the center. The cat house with its inside and outside rooms is very crowded. We also have colony’s set up in different locations for the outside cats. Most of the cats come in and out of the center. They are kept in the cat house or the center until they have surgery and then they are allowed to venture out on the property. Angel has been here 13 years, Jessica came 8 years ago Cat friendly dogs are allowed on the patio to mingle. Give me a call if you are interested in adopting a kitten, puppy, dog or cat.

I am busy in the morning feeding and giving medicine to the gang so please be patient and try to call me before visiting and make an appointment if possible. Donations can be dropped over the fence on the table and money can be put in the mail slot. Please do not leave donations outside as they disappear within minutes. Needs at this time are dog beds and laundry soap and downy, Thanks to all that help the animals.
AND a wonderful New Year to all!