Photo by Marcia BrockmeyerIs February over already? Yes, Leap Year gave us an extra day but flip over your calendar and brace yourself for the spectacular month of March in Mexico. Picture this, you, sunshine, sand and sea. The dreary days of winter are gone, and shiny Spring Break is here.

Arizona students anxious to escape the books and head out into a warm, sandy environment are in luck. 2016 Spring promises to offer fabulous beach weather in Rocky Point, Mexico. Depending on what high school or college we are talking about–NAU, U Of A, ASU, or a school from New Mexico, California, Utah or Colorado–everyone is looking to get away to the beach.

Spring time in Mexico means perfect indoor-outdoor weather, gentle breezes, warm sand, bright blue sky, and sparkling diamonds on the Sea of Cortez. With these near perfect weather conditions, how can you stay away? Rocky Point, (Puerto Peñasco) Mexico is a scenic 3.5-hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson and is ready to welcome a great crowd of spring breakers, families and couples wanting to absorb the sunshine, put their toes in the water, and have a safe and memorable Spring break. Easter and St. Patrick’s day are also this month so get ready for a memorable month of visitors!

Here are Nine suggestions on how to spend your 2016 Spring Break at the beach.

1. Get sand in your pants- With a plethora of spectacular weather, don’t forget the beach toys, beach towels, and umbrellas. It’s called Spring Break for a reason, so take a break, spread out the beach blanket, open a cold beverage and listen to the surf.

2. Splash in the Sea- Rent a kayak, a raft, Boogie board, or just swim. March is a perfect time to get in the sea and refresh.

3. Leave the driving to someone else- Jump in a car, split the gas or contact one of these shuttle companies and leave the car at home. Most resorts have taxi’s waiting outside the lobby or they can call you one. Ask how much the fare is before you leave and have a safe night out. Drinking and driving is illegal in Mexico just like the United States, so be smart and enjoy the day drinking or night out. ( Yes, we are waiting for Uber to arrive! But until then, taxi’s work just fine.) Head Out To Rocky Point and Lloyd’s Rocky Point Shuttle offer a personalized shuttle service from Phoenix, Arizona to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. They can pick you up at your home, hotel or Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Take the driving out of the equation.

4. Get on the water with Stand Up Paddle Board- Known as SUP, this sport is easy for the whole family. Stand Up paddle boards are available to rent on Sandy Beach and are an excellent way to enjoy the Sea of Cortez. Go to Facebook, Rocky Point SUP Stand Up Paddle Board.

5. Rock out to Live Music.- Bars on the Malecon, in El Mirador and on Sandy Beach have rockin bands lined up for Spring Break. Banditos, Wrecked at the Reef, (Sandy Beach Area) and Beach Bum on the Malecon, are a few with scheduled shows.

6. Schedule a boat trip and sail away- Ecofun and Del Mar Charters offer boat excursions. Check out the magnificent Whales (if they are still hanging around), if not the dolphins, sea lions and pelicans put on an exciting show. A trip to Bird Island, (San Jorge) or a voyage on a pirate ship (Rey Del Mar) or a sunset cruise place you on the fabulous Sea of Cortez. Take your pick and see Rocky Point from the sea.

7. Hit some balls- the weather is glorious and just perfect for getting on the greens. Rocky Point has three highly rated golf courses . Las Palomas, Laguna Del Mar, and Mayan Palace all offer spectacular greens.

8. Go for the Adventure. Take to the skies. The ultralight’s (located on the road to Sandy Beach) are not to be missed. If you have never tried soaring in the wide blue yonder, it might be time. Parasailing will also get you high in the sky and jet skiing, banana boat and ATV’s add a little adrenaline rush. If the wind picks up, Hobie cat sailing, kiteboarding and windsurfing are all sporty options.

9. Explore the land’s eco-tourism- If you haven’t experienced the El Pinacate Unesco World Heritage site, this is a worthwhile day trip to visit and learn about the earth’s craters. CEDO in Las Conchas also offers interesting programs, nature talks and movie night. Yes, Rocky Point is more than just a Spring break beach town.

For specific events and times check out Rocky Point Times and for a calendar full of spring events.

Have a safe and spectacular Spring Break!

“I still love things that you don’t even need to pay for. Going to the beach and being around five of your friends and having a good time means so much more than going out and spending hundreds of dollars”. Maria Sharapova