Boy-Scouts-02The Boy Scouts of America is a time tested and honored organization that has undoubtedly left a positive mark on vast numbers of kids and young adults throughout the United States. But, did you know that the Boy Scouts are actually active today in more than 212 foreign countries and territories? For over 100 years, Mexico has its own division of the Boy Scouts and as of very recently, they have some serious help in adding numbers to their ranks.

The Asociación de Scouts de México, Asociación Civil (ASMAC, Scout Association of Mexico, Civil Association) is the national Scouting Association of Mexico. Scouting was founded in Mexico in 1920 and became a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement on August 26, 1926. It was registered to Mexican civil authorities on 24 February 1943. “ASMAC” has approximately 33,509 members. The ASMAC headquarters are located in Mexico City.

Yvette Lavin and her husband, Michael Lavin love Rocky Point. They come to visit all the way from Massachusetts. They have also been Boy Scout Troop Leaders in Massachusetts for a couple decades, more or less. Put those things together and we get a fantastic combination – Boy Scouts in Puerto Peñasco! Yvette and Michael are Assistant Scout Masters in Troop 185, Wellesley, Mass. and with their help, our local Puerto Peñasco Troop is being sponsored by Knox Trail Council, Marborign, Mass, in cooperation with the Boy Scouts of America International Program.

Of course, the Lavins did have some local help in getting things organized and working through the details involved in this major endeavor. Enter Barb Olszewski of Adopt-A-Classroom in Rocky Point, and Kory Bonini, local Spanish interpreter and all around proactive charity promoter, and things got done. The Troop also is sponsored by 5 local community centers, plus several local churches and volunteers on both sides of the border. Several local businesses have helped and special thanks goes out to Jose Flores of Boobar. They also asked for a special mention to the local community as a whole and to Sonoran Resorts.

During their first recruitment drive, this group of highly motivated volunteers was able to sign up about 300 local kids to the program. This is nothing short of fantastic and it got the attention of both the Mexican Scout Association and the Boy Scouts of America. With the high levels of community support and the high sign-up rate, it will be no surprise to see additional assistance from both of those organizations.

Another very special thank you goes out to William and Fabiola Cox who have offered to donate their AOK oceanfront campground, located about 15 minutes from town along the new Coastal Highway, to the Troop for special events. William and Fabiola are also members the Scout Troop committee.

The committee is busy making plans and they have indicated that there is ample opportunity to get involved, if you have the time and the desire. In the near future, they will be organizing events to train troop leaders and committee members. The hope is that several people, both Americans and Nationals with a knowledge of the program will step up to get involved. So many of us have scouting experience (even if it was a long time ago), and that experience would be very valuable in helping the program grow and succeed.

They are also looking for volunteers with “special skills” to train individuals in specific areas in anticipation of the scouts earning merit badges. You remember merit badges, right? There are over 105 merit badges to choose from so if you have a special skill or talent that will apply, please don’t be shy about volunteering.

The impact that this program can have on our Puerto Peñasco youth cannot be overstated. Giving kids the confidence, structure, and skills to succeed in life is exactly what this committee has in mind and they can certainly use your help. If you are interested, or if you have additional questions, please contact Barb Olszewski at

This article is brought to you by the Sonoran Resorts Sales Team,, Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales and Marketing.