MayorThanksCommunity-01Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. June 22, 2016. The solidarity and good will of the Peñasco community towards others was illustrated during a gathering of members from diverse sectors of the city, called by the Mayor, which resulted in the commitment to build 3 homes for families impacted by the fire that enveloped their residence this past Monday, and in which three young children perished.

The Mayor announced one of the homes will be built by businessman Miguel Guevara Askar, another by Ministerio Amor under the supervision of Pastor Eladio Calderón, and a third provided by the Las Palomas tourist resort.

He emphasized City Trustee, Elizabeth Jiménez Borboa, will be responsible for providing all the possibilities of land that could be donated for the construction of the homes.

MayorThanksCommunity-02The intent of the meeting, held at the Municipal Civil Protection facilities and which included representatives from the Architectural and Engineering Associations, Chamber of Commerce, religious associations, Puerto Peñasco Communicators Association, Rotary Club, and local business leaders, among others, was to coordinate efforts in order to provide support to the families that were left with nothing after the fire.

Grandparents of the young children who lost their lives to the fire were also present, and thanked the Mayor for having called this meeting as a form of expressing solidarity with the families during this unfortunate time.

The Mayor expressed, “This is one of the worst tragedies we have lived through recently in our community, which is why my wife Linda Pivac and I have decided to put out a general call to the community of Puerto Peñasco, so we can demonstrate our solidarity with these individuals and provide all institutional support needed, as well as personal and psychological support to the affected families.”

Among the forms of support offered during the meeting was the commitment of different parts of civil society to join in efforts to provide assistance through fundraising and receipt of in-kind donations.

Those from the Architectural and Engineering Associations committed to assist with designing and building the homes, and the local Association of Doctors joined by offering free care to those injured by the fire. The local Rotary Club expressed their unconditional support while religious associations will contribute construction material and labor, and those from the Puerto Peñasco Association of Communicators along with the radio station “La Reina del Mar” will continue to make the community aware of ways to provide help.

In addition, the local chapter of the Mexican Professional Realtors Association (AMPI) made the commitment to provide the air conditioning equipment that may be necessary for the homes. Similarly, Naval Commander Rogelio Marbán Díaz expressed the solidarity of the Navy and availability of those under his leadership to help the affected families.

Monetary donations may be made to:

Bank Account:

Banamex 3914546

CLABE: 002779701139145464

Suc. 7011,

Name: María Concepción Cruz Rivera

Collection Site:

DIF Municipal, 8:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.


Stage 3 diapers, linens, household goods, Clothing: Men’s size 38 or 40, Women’s size L, girl’s clothing age 12, boy’s clothing age 11, NAN stage 1 milk, 2 refrigerators, 2 dining room sets, 2 stoves, 3 full-size beds, 2 individual beds, 3 sofas, 6 pedestal fans, and kitchen utensils.