Hello from Xochitl’s in Cholla Bay. Many people who stay at the condominiums on Sandy Beach don’t realize the treasures you will find if you continue on the dirt road, beyond where the paved road ends. A good way to enjoy a morning when there is an extreme low tide, is to follow that road on to Cholla Bay, look for sand dollars and other sea life in the bay, then stop in at Xochitl’s Cholla Cafe for a delicious breakfast and the best coffee in town. You can’t miss it:  It is the bright yellow cafe on the left hand side of the road, at the end of the block-long paved road in Cholla Bay.

Xochitl’s is truly a community center, and its very existence is the result of the care and efforts of so many residents in the community of Cholla Bay. We have been off the media grid for a couple years, so I want to take this opportunity to announce some exciting changes and a fun event in November. We are going to have some new items on the dinner menu, so stop by and try them out. We are open Friday and Saturday nights, in addition to being open all days except Tuesday and Wednesday. We open from 6AM – 2PM,  to cater to early birds and the people who want to get onto the water early.

On Thanksgiving weekend, we are having some very special musicians. Kevin and Peter, are the musicians who call themselves RuffMixx.  Besides being some good eye-candy, they are very talented and very funny. They play and sing folk music. Kevin tells me there is a story behind the name, so, maybe we will learn what it is. We will be taking reservations, as the evening will include dinner with a special menu, followed by music and fun.  It will be a great activity for families who are in Mexico enjoying the holiday weekend.  Come into the restaurant to make reservations, or call 382-5283 while in Mexico, or email daltonsally1@gmail.com

Enjoy the gifts of the heart and soul that the Mexican culture so generously offers its guests, and always remember, life is good.