Rocky Point is still safe
Reprint from the Arizona Daily Star
By Brady McCombs

Rocky Point remains a safe place to visit, Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup emphatically said during a visit last week to the Mexican beach town.

Walkup said the “honest, decent people” who have traveled outside the U.S. should not worry about traveling to the Mexican beach town also known as Puerto Peñasco.

“You need to be watchful no matter where you go in this world, whether it’s into Mexico, into Europe or wherever,” Walkup said. “I think for the normal traveler , this is a safe place.”

Business owners there are seeking to reverse damage caused by the recent inclusion in the State Department’s updated travel warning for Mexico that was published on April 22. The warning advised people to exercise caution in the popular beach town because of multiple incidents of transnational criminal-organization-related violence.

The mayor said he promised to help promote Rocky Point as safe destination after he heard from the owner of the Friendly Dolphin restaurant that the establishment might have to close because people are too afraid to come.

“I will go out and I will be your greatest ambassador,” Walkup said he told him. “Because this is a wonderful place and not once, not once, have I ever felt threatened as I travel into Mexico.”

Walkup was invited to the first annual Uniting Nations Cup golf tournament, said Braden Black, who represents Long Realty Rocky Point and Castaways Rocky Point.

“I want to encourage the citizens of Arizona that this is a safe place, and that they should come down and enjoy this wonderful place,” Walkup said. “This is our Riviera. Beth (his wife) and I are down here demonstrating what a great and safe place this is.”

Virtual Consulate

The Editorial in the June issue of the Rocky Point Times told you about the new “Virtual Consulate” now available here in Rocky Point! For those of you who have not yet read the Editorial (it is usually the first thing that readers go to), we want to tell you the location and hours so that you may write it down and keep it handy. It opened June 1, 2011 (see photo), at City Hall, on the first floor, facing Fremont Blvd. The Virtual consulate will be open the FIRST WEDNESDAY OF EVERY MONTH FROM 10AM TO 12 NOON. It will be open for the use of the American community who reside in Rocky Point, OR are visiting our city.

New Convention Center for Rocky Point

We haven’t seen it as yet, but the end of June will bring the beginning of the construction for Puerto Peñascos’ new convention center, to be completed by the end of 2011! The property north of town, which previously housed the original airport (before Mar de Cortes International opened), is the site for the new convention center…a first for Puerto Peñasco! The new facility will have the capacity for 3,000 people, an exposition lobby with a capacity of 200, conference room with space for 120 people. The parking area will hold 660 cars & 14 buses, with walking paths and
green areas. A roundabout entry area will take you directly to the entrance at the main lobby.

Once you enter the main lobby there will be 3 separate convention areas (as seen on the photos). There is also a lounge area in the plans.

“With a total investment of $110 Million Pesos (appx. 10 million dollars), the facility will be able to accomodate any type of event”, said Puerto Peñasco Mayor Alejandro Zepeda. “We are hosting, already, different events, from business to religious conferences, and, at times, we do not have exactly the right place to hold these events, now we will”, he said.
“For the first stage, $60 Million Pesos has been approved and ready for use by federal and state offices immediately. Officials are working now with the hotels in order to bring international conventions to Rocky Point”, he stated. The mayor also said that, “The idea is to offer our facilities to anyone from anywhere in Mexico and the USA. We have all the services they need. This is going to attract other different types of tourist. Nature has been very gracious with Puerto Peñasco, so we are now building the convention center to offer the same high quality services that you would find in cities like San Diego or Los Angeles”.