Stuff Happens

First thing I have to say is: “STUFF HAPPENS”. When the article I wrote for the September issue was printed, two of the photos were awkwardly placed with Vidal’s number under Cris’s photo and Cris’s number in the following column. So to clarify: If you wish to reach Vidal, his cell number is: (044-638) 384-6381 and Cris’s is 384-7541 and Benjamin’s is (044-638) 386-1932. These are really good hard working guys, so anything you need they can do. Refer to the article in your September Rocky Point Times for more information on them and their construction specialties.

Coming Home

As I have said before, coming home after a long vacation is enhanced by the new or expanded business I see going on around town. I recently stopped in at Casa Turquesa on Campeche (opened in March of this year) and talked with Cathi and Dahlia. I asked Cathi about the name and she said it came from the fact that they wanted a bright colorful exterior to draw attention – and that it does.

A Lot Going On

Inside you will find a lot going on in this small space. Dahlia’s beauty service, known as Black Dahlia, offers hair styling, make-up, pedicures, and nails. She specializes in fancy hair styles and fancy nail designs. Dahlia, who is from Caborca, has been in Puerto Peñasco 5 years and has been providing beauty services for 13 years, was previously located at Consign and Design, where she and Cathi met. They found they both loved to do creative things. They re-design and re-purpose clothing as well as make jewelry. They do a lot of work with redesign in denim. Cathi, you may have met her at her previous business, The Thirsty Parrot, also does very interesting work with palm bark through her re-design services, Creative Cathi. Two of her recent projects are lamps and wall covering. It appears much like leather. She and Dahlia have also used bark on photo albums, jewelry boxes and large pots. Cathi also does catering for small events. She told me about catering a dinner on the sunset cruise which I thought sounded just fabulous and will have to give it a try. The day we spoke she was in the middle of providing a cup cake wedding cake. That is cupcakes arranged on a decorative tiered stand with a wedding motif topper. I read in the magazines that many folks are doing this at today’s weddings instead of the tradition wedding cake. These two ladies could not say enough about how they appreciate the creativity of their partner.

I was happy to hear that Cathi and Dahlia are now taking clothing and accessories on consignment. I know that I will be cleaning out my things and seeing what might fit in their shop. I also want to spend more time looking over their re-designed, re-purposed items. These two very very creative ladies seem to have the perfect partnership going.  I urge you to stop by Casa Turquesa and take a look at what they have.  I bet you won’t leave without buying something or arranging for their services.

Fashion Show

On November 5th at 1:00 p.m. at Wrecked at the Reef on Sandy Beach, Black Dahlia and Creative Cathi will join Naomi Black of Sweet Naomi ReCreations for a Fall Fashion Fiesta of their special “ReCycle, RePurpose, ReDesign, ReCreate, ReLive” creations.  The admission is free.  There will be door prizes, complimentary coffee and special menu and drink prices will be available.  A donation of cash or food would be appreciated to benefit the Women’s Rehab Center.

Don’t miss all this fun in our little corner of paradise.