As of Saturday, June 14th, the men and women of Puerto Peñasco’s Fire Department now have a statue in their honor, designed by Mexican sculptor Roberto Ledesma Ávila, which was unveiled by the artist himself along with Fire Department Director Eng. Nicandro Cornejo Torres.

The sculpture, measuring 1.7 m (approximately 5’7”) and created out of “cultivated stone” is placed just outside of the city’s main Fire Station and shows a firefighter with his eyes closed, which, Ledesma explains, represents the symbolism of the spirit of struggle of heroic firefighters.

For the sculptor, this project was developed in clear recognition of the work that firefighters carry out every day, not just in Mexico but across the globe. “It is a contribution for the admiration and respect I feel for all firefighters,” added Ledesma.

With firefighter personnel from across the state on hand, Department Chief Cornejo Torres thanked Puerto Peñasco Mayor Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta, as well as all those who helped make this project possible, and particularly members of the recently formed Mar de Cortez Rotary Club.

Cornejo Torres, who is also the City Director of Municipal Civil Protection, expressed his gratitude to the artist for having put his heart and determination into this project in creating this sculpture in honor of firefighters.

“There were many weeks of arduous work in gathering sufficient resources to allow for the sculptor to acquire materials. Everything seemed easy at the outset, but we soon realized this wasn’t so and were about to abandon the project. However, thanks to many people this work has now become a reality,” added Cornejo Torres.

Members from the recently formed Mar de Cortez Rotary Club, along with Fire Department Board President Eng. Álvaro Sandoval, were on hand for the unveiling ceremony of the new sculpture. The event was held as part of the 40th anniversary of Puerto Peñasco’s Fire Department and the 10th Sonora State Firefighter Convention held over the weekend.