Both of my girls took their first trip to Mexico when they were 3 months old. My teenager is now a seasoned traveler and my toddler has been to Rocky Point over a dozen times now.

My biggest travel tip when traveling with children is to stay in a CONDO!!! This goes for vacations anywhere, not just Mexico. Hotel rooms are not equipped for a kid’s level of energy. Hotel rooms are small and cramped, and even suites are too compact for active children.

Probably the greatest advantage to a beach vacation in Rocky Point is that you are staying at condos with full kitchens. For the same price, or cheaper, than a hotel in California, you are getting much better family amenities. Also in CA, you are not right at the beach, usually it’s at least a short drive away, which means packing the kids up in the car, yuck! In RP you can walk right down from your condo to the beach.

For Babies and Toddlers our #1 recommended item is a sturdy stroller. The stroller doubles as an excellent bag carrier to get LOTS of stuff from the car up to the room. Depending on your condo complex, you may have a 5-minute or so walk to the pool or beach, so with a tired or hyper toddler, it’s really nice to have. It’s also great for carting beach towels, toys, sunscreen, etc.

Our #2 item is the pack’n’play. This is useful for sleeping, but also time outs, and keeping toddlers contained if you need them out from underfoot for a few minutes.

Food for kids in Mexico: If you are on a budget, take advantage of your full kitchen (fridge, stove, oven, microwave, and dishwasher, dishes, and cooking utensils). Also the Tupperware and pots and pans double as toys, so you can pack less! You can buy milk, juice boxes, yogurt, cereal, bread, and all kinds of snacks at the major markets in town. The fruit and vegetable quality and selection are excellent in Rocky Point. Sometimes we just stock the fridge and eat at home the whole trip.

Don’t be afraid to venture out to the many great restaurants RP has to offer. Both girls have eaten out at restaurants in Mexico since they could eat solid food. The Mexican culture is very kid friendly and most restaurants have kids’ menus. Our kid’s favorite foods are guacamole, cheese quesadillas, beans, rice, and mangos on the beach.

Miscellaneous Tips: Your condo may not be baby-proof, so you may want to take some outlet plugs. That’s about the only thing we do, and we just shut the doors of all the rooms we don’t want them in. You can also use the stroller, pack n play, or chairs to make off limit areas for baby. Also, we’ve found we don’t need to pack toys other than what she needs to keep busy in the car because you will spend most of your time outside at the pool or beach. Shells and rocks found on the beach make excellent toys for small kids too. Also, see above for kitchen play, honestly my 2 year old will play with Tupperware all day long! Don’t forget your sunscreen, and bring sand toys, a baggie to collect shells in, and a ball for the beach and you’ve got yourself a fun and fabulous family vacation!