Saltwater fly fishing lured me to Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point), Mexico, on the Sea of Cortez several years ago, and it still has me hooked. Rocky Point has lots of amenities for the non-fishing members of the family. Attractions include shopping, quad riding, boating, clamming, golfing, horseback riding, music, relaxing on the beach, and trying all of the restaurants in town. So, itʼs a great destination whether you fish or not.

My fly fishing headquarters is at the Playa de Oro RV Park on Mirador Beach, where I keep a camper trailer in storage and visit frequently. There are other RV parks, but I like this beach, my neighbors, and the social ambiance in this RV park. If you are planning to visit Puerto Peñasco and you are packing the motor home or camper I would like to encourage you to pack your fly fishing gear. Your first saltwater fly rod fish could be a life changing event. The little Cabrilla (Rock Bass) that you catch at the RV park are amazingly strong and will have you convinced that you have just hooked a world record.

Catch of the day. The most commonly caught fish close to shore are Rock Bass, Trigger, Pompano, Orange Mouth Corvina, Needle Fish, Grouper, Parrot, and Flounder.

You will probably see lots of Mullet jumping too. Bone Fish are usually a summer fish, and we do see the occasional Permit, Roosterfish, Snapper, Sierra Mackerel, Skip Jack, Yellow Tail, and Amberjack. When you are on the water you may see a Whale, Dolphin, or Sea Lion, and that would be a good day, even if you were not catching fish.

Most of the time I release the fish I catch, but I have been known to keep Orange Mouth Corvina, larger Trigger and Rock Bass, all taste good grilled, fried, or smoked.

Suggested equipment: An 8 weight fly rod is the rod of choice, you will want a rod that can cast large flies, and heavy sinking lines. To get down to the fish, I use a 300-400 grain sinking line. My go to fly patterns are size 4 Clouser Minnows or the same size Gotʼcha. To match the hatch choose flies that look like baitfish, shrimp, or crab. Good colors are white on white, chartreuse over white, red, pink, and tan. An inflatable pontoon boat with oars will give you a better fishing option than fishing from shore.

Round out your basic equipment list with a fishing shirt, swim trunks, sun block, hat, and polarized sun glasses. The only time I use waders is on cold windy days, usually in January.

Easy fishing trip: Check the tide chart and wind. I like a neap tide (smaller and more manageable) and I try to fish on days where the lack of wind leaves the Sea of Cortez smooth. I leave from the RV park on an incoming tide, it will take me into town. I usually plan my fishing day so I can stop for breakfast or lunch at the Viña del Mar, and wait for the tide change. When the tide changes it will take me back to the RV park.

Best time to fish: I fish Puerto Peñasco year round, but October and November are two of my favorite months for fishing. I like incoming tides and fishing at sunrise and sunset always seems to have some fish magic.

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