Those were my thoughts as I levitated and hovered over my car seat, trying not to roast my back side. August in Peñasco has the Heat Rash Index in the Extreme Danger Zone.

Once your air conditioner takes your vehicle to a comfortable level I suggest you may want to explore Peñasco while fewer people are in town. You may need to explore because your favorite cantina is on vacation. August is a good month for restaurants to do maintenance and get ready for a new season. You may discover a hidden gem while exploring. There is new construction all around town. Some places that were not very attractive have been recently replaced with new buildings. I try to make myself try at least one new cantina or restaurant every time I visit RP. There are so many good places to eat in Peñasco it’s hard to visit them all. On the recommendation of a friend I got a group together and tried Grapes and Barley. It’s located in the Malecon, and we had no trouble selecting several yummy sounding appetizers.  We had a group of five so we picked enough appetizers that everyone found a favorite.

Another new discovery for me is a fishing shop, “Wild Fishing” just off of Benito Juarez on the way into the Malecon around Cali 4 – 5 a block north. It’s the drive that is closest to the marina.  When I stopped in, I talked to a young Mexican lady that spoke perfect English. She told me that the shop had been open for about one year. The shop features name brand fishing supplies, and they have spinning rods, reels, bait casters, lures, hooks and fishing lines that would be suitable for a charter boat trip or casting from shore. They do not have fly fishing stuff, but if you are in RP to fish, check out this shop.

As the water temperature rises I have been able to use larger flies. I fished recently and used a Clouser tied on a 2/0 hook. While I still caught a number of small fish, I did catch Cabrilla larger than I usually catch on the smaller flies. My size 4 hook (usually my go to size) is about 3 inches in length and when I get up to a 2/0 I am at least 5 inches. Summer fish include Sierra Mackerel and Lady Fish both are fun on a fly rod. To land the Sierra you will probably need to add a short piece of 40# bite tippet, then check it after a few fish, it will be shredded, and ready for a new piece. I usually get my fishing day started early and get off the water before noon. Hope to see you on the water soon.

Vince Deadmond The Retired Fly Fishing Hardware Guy can be reached at or 480 818 1796.