The first mention of S’mores is credited to a Girl Scout handbook published in the 1920’s. Families have enjoyed the sweet sticky crunchy treat around a campfire ever since.

Everyone young to old enjoys a campfire on Mirador Beach in Puerto Peñasco. Have you had a campfire on the beach lately? If it’s been a while you need to come back and enjoy the beach. The propane campfire is easy to start, doesn’t get smoke in your eyes, and is easy to clean up. There is something likable about gathering friends and family around a campfire, telling stories and watching the sunset, and the stars come out. S’mores are popular, along with cheese, crackers, chips, dips, and some liquid refreshments.

Conversations range from today’s fishing catch, to solving the world’s problems, jokes told with funny voices. Some jokes are funny enough to make people snort, while others have tears running down their legs. Sometimes we are lucky enough to hear the band playing from the Pit or Manny’s. When the grandkids are with us, we dust off the spooky campfire stories with monsters and ghouls.

I’ll be doing S’more fly fishing out of the kayak. We are entering the best time of year to fish Peñasco. Hope to see you on the water soon. Vince Deadmond The Fly Fishing Hardware Guy can be reached at and 480 818 1796. All I can ask is S’more please?