Puerto Peñasco is a wonderful vacation spot, and the fly fishing is excellent in the early summer and late fall. Temperatures are manageable especially if you are playing in the water. The fly fishing can be fast and furious with many hungry fish to cast your fly toward. You can cast from shore, but it helps to have a pontoon boat, or a kayak, you will have access to more fishable water.

Accommodations are numerous and in all price ranges depending on how much luxury you require. I camp at the Playa de Oro RV Park on Mirador Beach. It’s easy to launch my kayak from there and the fishing is good. If you are not set up for camping there are many hotels, condos, and even homes for rent. The Mayan is on La Piñata, The Second Estuary and one of my favorite places to fish. Many condo towers are on Sandy Beach and that would be easy access to the Jetty another quality structure that holds fish.

Places to eat are plentiful and again many choices are available from fish, taco, and hot dog carts to chicken shacks all the way to fine dining establishments like MOO Steakhouse & Grille, Chef Mickey’s, and Mare Blu. Recently I kept nine Orange Mouth Corvina, after cleaning my fish I made arrangements for La Curva to prepare our dinner using our fish. Their presentation and preparation of our fish was a hit with my group of six people. They prepared fried, grilled, and Veracruz (red sauce) fish with steamed veggies, rice, beans, and tortillas. Those fish were swimming in the morning and dinner that evening.

When I plan my fishing trips, I always select the neap tides (smaller tides). In June Friday 3 through Friday 10 would be good fishing days. Then Sunday 19 through Saturday 25 look like good fishing days. I realize not everyone is into fishing like I am, but other events like live music are happening all over town. Some of my favorites, Jillz Joint, The Pit, and Manny’s Beach Club all feature live music.

I suggest going down with a group that fishes if you are looking to fish. There is no one in Peñasco that offers guide service for fly fishing. You can find panga captains that will take you Trigger fishing with bait, but you need to be a bit stubborn if you intend to fly fish. Most of the fly fishers that I meet are willing to share information, fishing reports, and even places to fish.

For more fly-fishing information contact Vince Deadmond at vincehasgonefishing@outlook.com or (480) 818-1796.