When my wife Debi says, “Something stinks!” I know it’s true. I may have not gotten a whiff of the offending odor…yet, but my wife has a hyper keen sense of smell. It must drive her crazy to live with me. I am an old fart with flatulence issues, and a passion for fly fishing.

You can’t go fishing with out smelling…like fish. Even if you get skunked and don’t catch a fish, the river, lake, or ocean causes things you come in contact with, clothing, shoes, and gear to have that funky fishy musty stench. The offending smell was coming from the dishwasher. Yes, I had made another batch of smoked fish dip, (quite tasty) but the first time through the dish washer didn’t quite get the job done.

When I return from Puerto Peñasco I have a routine where I immediately do my fishy laundry, wash my boots, fish net, try to air out my gear bag, and my truck. If Debi would stumble into my truck before I removed the stinky stuff I am sure she would howl like a Basset Hound while getting a grip on her nose. The woman is a saint.

Fishing Report May – The water is warming up and the fishing is getting better. I caught Flounder, Orange Mouth Corvina, Cabrilla, and Pompano on my last trip. I was able to fill the smoker with Orange Mouth filets and have enough to grill fish for the neighbors in the Playa de Oro RV Park. There was a large crowd at the RV Park, I would suggest you call and make reservations rather than just showing up. Hope to see you on the water.

Vince Deadmond, The Retired Fly Fishing Hardware Guy can be reached at vddeadmond@msn.com or (480) 818-1796.