September in Puerto Peñasco is usually hot, humid, has a few more bugs than usual, and let’s try not to scratch that hot itchy spot that you shouldn’t scratch in public. I am wearing my coolest temperature, quickest drying, aloha shirt, I must look like a bartender from the Tiki Bar, people keep asking me for a frozen Margarita. Not necessarily a terrible thing, but some folks get a little peeved when I can’t come up with a frozen libation. Look on the bright side – while it’s been 119 degrees in Phoenix it’s been a cool 85-97 degrees in Peñasco. Like Phoenix, nearly everyone has left Rocky Point for the summer, fewer people in town are nice for driving and dining at our favorite cantinas, but that’s not sustainable. Something really good – our best weather is just around the corner in October and November.

This early fall would be a great time to plan your next fly-fishing trip to Puerto Peñasco. The water is still warm, the surf is manageable for a pontoon boat or kayak, the fish are hungry, temperatures are delightful, and the hotels, condos, and trailer parks have a spot for you. Desert Fly Caster fly fishing club out of Chandler, Arizona has visited Puerto Peñasco in the fall for close to 60 years. Many of the members are skilled at saltwater fly fishing, and they are good at showing new members how to start their saltwater fly-fishing journey. The next DFC Rocky Point outing is November 17-21 on a neap tide (smaller tide) that makes handling your pontoon boat or kayak easier. You can also fish from the shore. If you are interested, Google Desert Fly Casters. They meet at the Elks Club in Chandler on the second Wednesday of the month. You can get all of the information you would like on their web page.

The Rocky Point outing is usually well attended, very social, (good eats and drinks), and the fish are usually cooperative. There is usually a raffle, a fish meal, and sometimes smoked fish. I would say it’s a really good time. Hope to see you on the water soon.

Vince Deadmond The Retired, Fly Fishing Hardware guy can be reached at and 480 818 1796.