Sometimes we forget how good it is in Puerto Peñasco. We even complain when it’s 70 degrees and sunny during the winter. Yes. we do get some winter storms for a few days, but Peñasco is a paradise most of the time. Having grown up in the Midwest I don’t recall many sunny warm days in the winter, nothing like the mild winters we have here.

I am looking forward to March, a wonderful time to visit Puerto Peñasco. The border is open, I feel safe to travel, and the fly fishing is excellent in early spring. The warmer it gets the better the fishing gets. In January I spotted a whale off Mirador Beach, usually the best month to spot them. As the spring warms up the water, you will see more fish activity. Large groups of minnows trying to swim away from birds diving, and larger fish from below. Even if you don’t fish it’s quite a show to watch from the beach.

I like to plan my fly fishing trips during the neap tides usually twice a month you get a smaller tide flow for almost a week each. These neap tides are easier to maneuver and control a small watercraft like a pontoon boat or kayak, makes the fly fishing more enjoyable. While I do catch and release most of the fish I catch, I do like to target Orange Mouth Corvina for a nice fish dinner with friends. Fishing may not be your thing, but you can’t go wrong ordering fish or shrimp in the local cantinas. The business community in Rocky Point is open for business and ready to welcome your return.

Vince Deadmond The Fly-Fishing Hardware Guy can be reached at and at 480 818 1796. Bring an 8-weight fly rod, sinking line, and some Clousers and you too will be catching some saltwater fish. Hope to see you on the water soon, and remember it’s OK to be happy.