How to get on the waves in May

May 1, 2015 by Anita Kaltenbaugh

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So you want to be on the water?
I don’t blame you, the water beckons this time of year whispering seductively, hey you, come out and play. The shimmering glitter of the sun soaked waves are sparkling and inviting.
When the waves of the Sea of Cortez turn to smooth glass, the glass of the Sea of Cortez is mesmerizing, water… so smooth it mirrors the condos on the beach, the boats, and the ultralight aircraft. Each casting shadows on the surface as it glides over the big blue sea.
Dolphins are bobbing up and down; sea lions are swimming, and the Sea of Cortez sea aquarium show is on full schedule, featuring a variety of sea creatures at all hours.
On a watercraft, you never know what lies beneath the big Aqua curtain. It may be a pod of stingrays in the formation of a triangle floating on the surface or a black barnacle covered sea turtle sticking its head above the sea to check out the action.
A cruise to the nicknamed Bird Island or Isla San Jorge will delight all ages with an active parade of sea lion swimming and sunbathing that calls the big white rock their home. Nicknamed Bird Island for the winged squatters that colonized this rock island jutting out of the Sea of Cortez, it is a protected rock pile. You can’t go onshore the island, and probably don’t want to– as you can guess why it’s white. Boats can anchor near the rock island and as they get close the smell will alert them they have arrived. Although, truth be told, after a few minutes, your smell sensors adjust, and the island show will entertain.
Snorkeling and scuba diving is a water adventure hosted by a few of the boat tours. One jump into the water and soon a curious baby sea lion with its big brown eyes might be staring into your mask–remember they’re just babies, they don’t know what you are yet. Just watch out for the parents, the Bulls tend to be a bit protective barking out their orders for the misbehaved pups to return.
The whales have left our waters this time of the year, but the dolphin shows are just as spectacular, as they love to frolic together in pods, spinning and dancing for your amusement. Although I can’t find scientific research to back this up, I think they like good vibrations, meaning happy boaters and good music draws them closer. It’s just my opinion, but there’s something about Jimmy Buffet music that draws them near.
So, if you’re visiting here for a weekend and dying to get out on the water instead of happily laying on the sand staring at it, here’s several ways to get out there.
Boats, jet skis, boogie boards, kayaks, catamarans, sunset cruise, jet-skis, sea doo’s, kite boarding, Hobie cats, paddle boards and rafts.
Del Mar Charters- Del Mar has two catamarans, 42’ “Tempo” is perfect for a small group (up to 24) offering sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, sunsets Cruises and isolated beach adventures. They also have a 30 foot open bow, “Marilys” for local snorkeling, kayaking and trips to Bird Island. They charter fishing trips and offer kayak rentals.
Eco fun- this group represents a 70’ passenger catamaran a two-level boat that takes Bird Island excursions, rents kayaks, Stand Up Paddle Boards and boogie boards.

Rey Del Mar- Can you say Pirates! This sunset cruise or nighttime firework cruise will bring out all your Pirates of the Caribbean fantasies. Who knows maybe you’ll spot a Johnny Depp look alike? 80’ Rey Del Mar offers an appetizer plate and beer and margaritas.
Intrepid dinner cruise- A little music, a little drinks and fish tacos make this a sunset cruise you can often spot out on the water. Trip includes drinks and fish tacos at Sunset.
Stand UP Paddle Boards (SUP) – stand up paddle board, rental on the beach in the Sandy Beach area, possibly in front of Sonoran Sky or Playa Bonita. EcoFun also offers rentals.
Jet ski- rentals available on Sandy Beach always at the end in front of Marina Pinacate and the water’s edge in front of the resorts such as Las Palomas. If you like flying across with the speed you control, rent one of these, which rents for half the price of resorts in the United States.
Kayak – Eco fun has kayak rentals
Local fishing charter- down by Old Port, a variety of local fisherman offer fishing trips. Refresh you Spanish and take a trip.
Large raft, or a float in Cholla Bay – yes, investing in a super large raft, might make you feel like a captain of the sea. Costco offers a $99 humongous raft called the island that fits six and your drinks and snacks. Might be a fun idea having your own water craft for a weekend. Cholla Bay in front of JJ’s Cantina can be smooth and shallow.
Bring a boat down- have a boat? Why not bring it down to Rocky Point. Just make sure you have your proper paperwork (title, registration, insurance for both boat and trailer) to cross the border.
Float- no money? The back works just as well as any floating device or go to the dollar store before you arrive and buy a couple floatable noodles and blow up tubes and float away.
The only thing better than looking at the astounding Sea of Cortez is floating on it– however you can.

The cure for anything is salt water — sweat, tears, or the sea. ~Isak Dinesen

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