Skullyz-2One of my favorite locations for a bar in Rocky Point is what was once the old Sunset Bar, at the end of Calle 13, most recently it was Wrecked at Rick’s. Over the years, a plethora of memories has been created in this spot. In the adjacent lot, some of the first Roger Clyne concerts happened here, and over the year’s lots of bike week memories.

This month, a new bar is taking over the cherished spot. Phoenix owners Craig and Dawn Hanna, are hoping to create that friendly local bar. They’re not looking to recreate a Scottsdale club or a dive bar; they are hoping to have a fun place with fair prices, great food, and friendly faces.

One of the great offerings is Free Breakfast every morning with the purchase of any drink. Skullyz Cantina, open Thursday through Monday, will offer the basic breakfast for free, two eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast to those who get up in the morning and don’t feel like cooking. Saturday and Sunday they will also offer the local’s favorite, Menudo.

The owners are searching for the best tasty food, offering five kinds of burgers, onion rings, twisty fair like fries and bacon wrapped jalapenos stuffed with carne asada (Yumm!). Ceviche, bacon wrapped shrimp and clams will also be on the menu.

Big fans of bike week, they have attended the Bike Rally from its inception in 1999. They laugh and call themselves, the no plan gang, NPG. Craig, who had enough of Corporate America after working 20 years at Honeywell, was tired of the rat race and searched for an enjoyable job, where he could witness something nice and see the finished product. The bar wasn’t in the plans, but now it is. He said it was how he moved to Phoenix, he came from a small mining town in Southern Illinois, to find a place to ride a motorcycle without a helmet and stayed.

I asked them, “what would most people not know about you?” they stated “well; we met in a bar, after a bad day.” Dawn, who never went to a bar by herself, spontaneously went after a bad day and met Craig. Perhaps if your single, and you’ve had a bad day, Skullyz might be a place to meet your special someone, unexpectantly. Just like the no plan gang, no plans just let destiny do its thing–Yes, it’s Ok to come here by yourself.

Sunday nights are Service Industry nights, and anyone wearing their shirt, name tag or proves they work in the Service Industry can have happy hour prices all night long. Come in and put your feet up, relax and hey if you have any suggestions or looking for your favorite drink, just let the owners know, they are open to recommendations.