We Are the World

Not to dwell on the obvious, but the COVID-19 pandemic illustrates how we are all one people. While the poor may be disproportionately infected, the rich folks are not immune, either. COVID doesn’t care what color you are or how big your boat is. And it’s a lesson that we all should take to heart: We are in this life together.
To put it into perspective, Cap’n Greg got some sad news this week. A dear friend had a history of allergic reactions. She was careful, but didn’t let it control her life. She was out hiking, which is what she truly loved to do, was stung by a bee, and died before she could get her Epi pen out. She was 64. No more hiking. No more hugging her husband or kids or grandkids. No more walks on the beach. No more sunsets at Playa Bonita. No more Sonoran dogs at Chon’s.
Life has always been precious, and all too short. Maybe as we deal with this COVID monster, we can take a closer look at what is important. What life is really all about. It’s not politics or the stock market. It’s not who wins or loses a game. It’s not who sells the most records or makeup or computers or electric cars.
We have one life. That’s it. You can’t buy another. One day, poof. No more. So, ignore the BS. Love yourself. Love your family and your friends. Love your neighbors and fellow human beings even though they live on the other side of the planet. COVID has changed a lot of things for the worse. Maybe we can change for the better.
Cap’n Greg wishes you health and happiness. Without those two things, we have nothing.

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