May 3, 2024

Number 199 in a Series

Well, here we go again. And again. Y otra vez.

Cap’n Greg has been writing this so-called advice column for going on 17 years, and the number one question is always, “Where is the best … whatever?” Street tacos. Hotel. Beach. Happy hour. Shrimp. Fishing charter. Margaritas. Rental condo. Oil change. Manicure. Massage. Flat tire fixer. Tortillas. Roasted chicken. That spring thing that returns the flush pedal on an RV toilet. Fireworks. Obscene T-shirts. Sunglasses. Talavera tableware. Terra cotta pots. Rusted metal roadrunners. Lactose free yoghurt. Tequila. Silver jewelry. Vanilla. Viagra. A carburetor for a 1973 Pontiac. You get the idea.

I could recommend a swell eating spot that I have loved for years, but someone will invariably tell me the food made them toss their cookies. Or in Mexico, hurl their churros. I might recommend a nice little hotel with clean rooms and off-street parking and I’ll hear from some yahoo who says he stayed there and his passport and iPhone were stolen from his unlocked car. What kind of dummy leaves a passport and phone in a car? Even locked? And not just in Mexico, anywhere else?

Cap’n Greg occasionally mentions the consistently good eats from Asadero Viva Mexico, La Curva and Chons Hot Dogs. I urge you to give them a try. But there are so many purveyors of pleasure in Peñasco that visitors shouldn’t take my word for it, as tastes vary. Bottom line? Take your time and shop around. You will eventually discover your favorites in this sunny beach destination that is overflowing with good choices. Until then, keep those questions coming. Cap’n Greg deserves a good laugh every now and then.