Now that you’ve had enough Margaritas and a relaxing time on the beach (with a sunburn to prove it), join us on a shopping excursion down ‘Rodeo Drive”. A wonderful selection, great prices, easy parking, and friendly merchants. All of this translates into a fun and relaxing shopping experience to enjoy while in Rocky Point. The ‘Mexican Rodeo Drive’, otherwise known as Cholla Mall, is a place you don’t want to miss!

What was once referred to as “Shacks 5th Avenue “or the “Dirt Mall” has had a significant overhaul, without losing any of its Old Mexico charm. The street is now an eclectic mix of the vendors who make their wears right in their shops while living behind their stores to upscale shops offering fine items from all over Mexico. The resulting blend of these varied shops is amazing! – And, everywhere you go the prices are great.

Bargaining is still possible in some of the shops and it never hurts to try. However, it’s not like in the old days where prices were marked way up and it took half an hour of haggling to purchase a small trinket. Things are honestly priced, in fact, you’ll find them lower than other areas in town.

The newest addition to the area is “Plaza Fabiola” offering cool cotton resort clothing and originally designed jewelry. Located between Su Casa and Kokopelli, two other delights, this trio of shops is a real find! Clustered together they make their own Mini Mall. You’ll see home furnishings, art, sculptures and some really unique items not to be found anywhere else.

While at Kokopelli don’t miss Francisco’s handmade wood carvings. As you wander through, you can often see him working behind the shop. His creations are both large and small from dolphins for the coffee table to unique table bases. In addition to what you see in the shop ask for his catalog or ask him to create an original piece just for you.

Just minutes from the Sandy Beach Condos and down the street from the new Convention Center we hope to see you here soon on Rodeo Drive.