Looking for something unique? Looking for something traditional? Looking for…Rodeo Drive is packed full of wonderful offerings made in Mexico. From trinkets and curios to magnificent objet d’arts and exquisite handmade treasures. You can find them all at Rodeo Drive.

Many of the vendors and craftsmen live on the Drive right behind their shops. A comfortable atmosphere pervades the area – leaving those pushy barkers to other parts of Peñasco! What you get at Rodeo Drive is a delightful, fun shopping experience.

One of the shops you won’t want to miss is Temos’ Talavera. Colorful hand painted pottery adorn the front of a bright yellow 2 story building. Mexico is well known for it’s selection of creative, hand crafted ceramic items and Temos shows some of the finest. This type of pottery was brought to Mexico by the Spanish in the early 1600s. It has evolved into a mixture of Italian, Spanish and indigenous ceramic design and techniques.

The selection here at Temos’ includes everything from drinking cups or napkin holders to wonderful large pots and bowls perfect for display in your entryway or as the centerpiece of your dining room table.

By far, this is the largest selection of pottery in Peñasco. The only way to find a finer selection at any better price is to go to Southern Mexico yourself. Now let’s see, airfare (it’s only 1200 miles away), lodging, purchasing and shipping…That takes care of your better price. How about a trip to Rodeo Drive instead.

Temos has had his shop for over 25 years and, like so many of the Rodeo Drive vendors, he hails from Toluca, a village outside of Mexico City. As his little village held little chance of employment, he sought his fortune here in Puerto Peñasco. He, his lovely wife and 4 children call this home.

Come stroll the Drive and find that perfect gift for the Hard-to-Please. Along Rodeo Drive, you can find the unique, the unusual, the unforgettable…the perfect gift!

See you on the Drive