These last five months have been a roller coaster to say the least. Just when we think the ride is about over…WHAMO…a Stengel dive, an overbanked turn, topped off by a camelback hill! It’s terrifying at times. You can tell by reading the articles in each issue, just how much things change from month to month – or in a matter of weeks. In trying to keep you updated during this pandemic, we’ve gone from weekly updates, to daily updates to, quite literally, hourly updates. There was a week or two where we were putting the date and time on each post and update…actually, we still do that some days.

As our Mayor reactivates our economy whilst trying to keep us healthy, most of our business futures here in Peñasco remain uncertain. We don’t know what’s going to happen next month, let alone next week, or even tomorrow. Will our beaches open in August? In September? Will businesses be back to “some kind of normal” this summer? In October or November? In light of all of this uncertainty, we here are the Rocky Point Times Newspaper have decided to shift gears and focus on our internet presence and social media channels for foreseeable future. We will suspend the printing of the paper for a few more months and take another look at the world in October or November. And, as always, the paper will be available online at as it has been for years – every edition. We are still working, our contributing writers are still submitting their great articles, and our advertisers still want you to visit them, so you can expect fresh content and new ads each month, just like always. We are still accepting subscriptions, of course, as we have every intention of resuming our printing as soon as possible. Those of you who currently have a subscription, you will be credited for the months you have not received the paper in your mailbox. And we sincerely apologize for this, but know you understand as you are, most likely, facing your own challenges.

As our town opens back up to tourism, our Mayor is working to also protect our health and safety as well as yours. There are many things we have to do now that we don’t like, and may not agree with, but we ask that when you come to town you follow our health and sanitary protocols so that we can continue on with our Phases and get back to living life and enjoying the beach – or at least looking at its beauty for now. The last thing we want to do is go backwards and have to quarantine and shut everyone out again.

Currently, Puerto Peñasco is allowing visitors, who have a confirmed reservation with one of the city’s approved properties (hotels, condos, HOA’s, etc.) to visit Peñasco. You can find a complete list at as well as the city’s latest health and safety protocols that you need to follow – and what to expect upon arrival. On July 1st, the city also started allowing full-time residents to return to their homes. Plans to allow homeowners, family and friends to visit should be starting July 16th provided we do not see an uptick in Covid cases. In order for full-time residents to return home, they must follow the same protocols as mandated in June, which were to prove their permanent residency, mandatory quarantine for 14 days, and sign a commitment letter.

As of this writing, there has been some protesting and blocking of incoming traffic at our Sonoyta/Lukeville border crossing, so the city is requesting that you drive straight through Sonoyta and do not stop for any reason. Puerto Peñasco has many sanitary procedures and protocols in place whereas Sonoyta does not. So, for your safety, and the safety of those in Sonoyta, please make sure everyone in your vehicle is wearing a mask and do not speed through Sonoyta – the speed limit is 40 kmh. Peñasco is here waiting for you with open arms, businesses and restaurants. And even though you can’t get into the ocean at the moment, it is still beautiful to look at and fishing boats and sunset cruises are happening. So, conditions are not yet ideal, but they are definitely improving. Take care, please respect the city protocols and keep everyone healthy and safe.