Oh, the weather is getting wonderful, and the sunsets are getting later. Though I’m definitely not ready for summer, this time of the year in Peñasco is fantastic: Warmer temperatures, sun is shining and so much going on, so get down here and enjoy Peñasco!

Couple big news items last month – JJ’s Cantina and border hours. No, JJ’s Cantina in Cholla Bay is not closing, but it is under new ownership and is currently getting a facelift. There are three articles in this issue from our great writers – perhaps overkill for one month, but I liked all of them and they each have their own tidbits of info. The JJ’s Cantina of old – and Joe and John – hold a place in my heart, so I’m sad to see the old go, but am looking forward to seeing what the new will bring. Speaking of new and Cholla Bay – first the new, some of you may not know that Santo Coyote Restaurant and Starbucks (yes, a real Starbucks!) are now open at Encantame Towers out in Playa Encanto. So exciting! More about that next month, but in the meantime, you can check them out on social media for more info. Cholla Bay news, I recently had my two big heavy iron patio tables and their 10 matching chairs powder coated by Cholla Bay Powder Coating Co. and they came out gorgeous. Julio and David were on time to pick everything up at the ranchito and they even dropped it off while I was out of town and put everything back in the same exact location as well as securing the glass tops for the tables. Love them! More about them next month and the before and after photos as well.

Allrighty, onto border hours. While we don’t get our midnight border closing time back (yet), our Mayor met with the Lukeville Port Director last month and CBP agreed to increase their hours of operation to 10:00 PM on the holiday weekends. YAY! The exact dates are in this issue. Again, the border hours will be extended to 10:00 PM (currently we are at 6AM to 8PM) ONLY on the holiday weekend dates listed in this issue…we’ll keep the info. in the paper until anything changes. So, this month we have President’s Day Weekend, so border hours will be extended from until 10:00 PM on Friday, February 18th and Monday, February 21st. The holiday weekend extensions will take place over Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day and Veteran’s Day. Nothing for Spring Break or Semana Santa, bummer, but we’ll take what we can get – so thank you to Mayor Jorge Pivac and CBP.

For those of you who live or own property here in Peñasco, Oomapas is offering a 20% discount, through March, for residential (and commercial) properties if pay your 2022 water bill in full (annual) or pay for 6-months ahead. Also, it’s property tax time so you can take advantage of city discounts the city is offering – this month you’ll receive a 15% discount and next month it drops down to a 10% discount.

I drove down to Hermosillo last month for some SAT appointments I had – another great “Life in Mexico” tale I’ll tell someday – and as I drove past the Santo Tomas sign it reminded me that I need to get back there to see what’s been going on and to finish my story about the Crewse Family. I have hours and hours of fascinating family history yet to tell you, but my gnat size attention span has me doing everything else. I’ll try to do a better job of following up this year. Maybe I can get Mary Snyder to take a mini vacay with me to Santo Tomas, stay in a beachfront condo, run the miles of beach and check out the winery nearby.

Oh, and why do I mention Mary Snyder? Because it looks like she is going to finally get her “Woman of the Year” Gala Celebration on Saturday, April 23rd! If you remember, Mary was nominated as “Woman of the Year 2020” with the Gala to be held on April 25th, 2020, but we all know what happened then. (Oh, by the way, this prestigious title has only been given to one other American woman, Jeannette Clifton, so, a pretty big deal.) The Gala is not just a party, but a wonderful fundraiser put on by the Puerto Peñasco Business and Professional Women’s Association which was founded in 1978. This yearly Gala raises money to assist young local girls with their education. Without this help, these girls would not have the opportunity to continue with their education. The girls that are chosen are required to maintain an 8 out of 10 grade point average. The majority of those that have been helped through these yearly fundraisers would never have gone to, or finished high school, let alone go on to college. Many are now strong, educated women with degrees and are productive role models in our community.

The proceeds from each full table helps one young girl to continue her education and go into becoming a pilot or a doctor or a teacher or lawyer or whatever she wants to become. It’s a pretty big deal when your $60 USD, the price of a ticket, can help make a young girl’s dream come true. Plus, you get dinner, music, dancing, and a night of fun, not to mention great company! You can tell by the list below, of tables already sold, that there will be lots of people to mingle with. And remember, you don’t have to buy a table – just a ticket – sit at someone’s table and make some new friends…there will be lots of single ticket holders, couples and small groups – so plenty of opportunity to meet new people.

The association nominates the “Woman of the Year” based on who they feel has made a significant contribution to Puerto Peñasco. Maybe some of you don’t know Mary Snyder past being my partner in crime and BFF, but she has been influencing and shaping Puerto Peñasco for the past 27 or so years – that’s when she moved here full-time. She’s been coming down visiting for much longer. (I’ve heard stories about shenanigans, but I’ll save that for the novel I’ll someday pen.) I first met Mary about one year after she moved here and was with Condominios Pinacate in 1995 (don’t check my math). In addition to Pinacates, she has been involved in the sales and development of 4 other high-rise condo projects including, Princesa de Peñasco, Sonoran Spa, Sonoran Sea and Puerta Privada, which is the only non-rental project in Rocky Point. Those successful years changed the landscape of Sandy Beach and the lives of hundreds of local people by providing many jobs – and they continue to do so. During the slower recession years, she continued to be a strong promotional advocate for our town and has always been willing to support other local charities, and those in need, with both her time and resources. No doubt, if you know her, or if she has your phone number – or can get it, you were on the receiving end of a phone call asking for help for our town during Covid. I think she was on the phone for 6 months straight! (And she’s really hard to say no to!) She has really done so much for Rocky Point, most of which no one will ever know. In my opinion, the nomination is so well deserved.

Along with the projects mentioned above, she’s now on her 6th project, Encantame Towers, which is located on Playa Encanto and is absolutely gorgeous. As I mentioned above, they have a new restaurant, Santo Coyote that just opened up as well as a Starbucks. Encantame Towers, just like the others, has created so many job opportunities and will do for many years to come. If I’m not mistaken, it is the tallest building in the State of Sonora – and there are 3 of them, so I guess they’ll be the 3 tallest buildings. If you haven’t been out to take a tour, I highly recommend you check out their ads in this edition and go take a tour…and then invite me to visit your new condo 🙂

The Gala this year will be held at the Peñasco Convention Center on Saturday, April 23rd with cocktails at 7pm, followed by a presentation at 8pm, and sit-down dinner at 8:30pm and, of course, music and dancing to follow. There will be a cash bar for those of you interested…I know I am! Tickets are $60 USD or $1200 pesos, and you can reserve a table of 10 if you wish. Tickets for the Gala are available at either the Rocky Point Times Office, Papeleria El Estudiante or Encantame Towers Sandy Beach Office. You may also call Laura Valencia at either (480) 445-9200 US or local (638) 383-6345. If you can’t attend, but would like to make a donation, give our office a call at (480) 463-6255 or locally at (638) 383-6325 or email us at rockypointtimes@yahoo.com and we’ll get you all set up.

The following businesses have reserved tables for the Gala, so, as you can see, it is going to be some shindig and a good mix of locals, foreigners, and local foreigners!



Encantame Towers

Hacienda Del Sol Furniture

Keller Williams

Lucy’s Spa

Mare Blu Ristorante

Mexican Docu Prep & Services

MOO Steakhouse & Grille 

Peñasco Real Estate 

Prestige Properties

Puerta Privada

ReMax Costa Del Mar

Rocky Point Best

Rocky Point Times Newspaper

Santo Tomas

SQ Advisors

Tequila Peñasco


Hope to see everyone at the Gala in April – we’ll have more info. next month as well. And hope you all have a fantastic month. Don’t forget to make your Valentine’s Day reservations and check out your favorite haunt on gameday!