Last month, over the July 4th weekend, Encantame Towers showcased one of their newest projects, Encantame Estates. Guests had the chance to snap up a residential lot or two if their name was drawn at this event. Encantame Resorts Developer, Miguel Guevara and Sales and Marketing Director, Keith Allen gave us a look at floorplans, lot layouts and explained some of the cool amenities at this SRO event. It’s going to be a wonderful place to live and own with great amenities (in the master plan) including a bowling alley, launch ramp, driving range and commercial center just to name a few. Phase I went up for grabs and then they moved onto Phase II. I did scoot out a little early (to get ready for another party that night), but I did see a photo of the lot layout boards and I don’t think there was an unclaimed lot. Pretty sure it was a record-breaking sell out. Along with the Estates, they are also doing another project called Soleil, so definitely stop by their office for a tour of Encantame Towers or info. on Encantame Estates and Soleil. And don’t forget that Santo Coyote Restaurant is open to the public…and the only Starbucks in town (ssshhhh).

There is so much developing happening all around town so if you’re in the buying market you had better not delay. Another residential development currently under construction is Blue at Las Palomas which consists of 34 residences and 72 condos with beach access and the golf course and lots of other amenities as well. Check out both of these new developments’ ads in this issue of the Rocky Point Times Newspaper and stop by their offices for tours and more info. We aren’t even going to recognize Puerto Peñasco in another year or two – we’re growing up so fast!!

I wanted to give a shout out to the gals at Casago who put on a Star Wars themed birthday party for their boss, Steve Schwab – they really went above and beyond with everything from the location to the decorations and food. Awesome fun! I have heard their concierge service goes above and beyond to meet customers requests and by the look of Steve’s party, they do a bomb job.

So, it seems that the Sonoyta police have calmed down quite a bit on pulling people over for traffic infractions – mainly speeding, of course. This actually started a while ago, but I was hesitant to mention it because I wanted to see if it was a fleeting gesture. Seems that they are holding true to their word and there have been a lot less complaints of bogus infractions. I do still see people being pulled over, and that’s always going to be the case of course, but it seems to be the exception more than the norm now. While on the subject, hopefully you’ve noticed that the 40kmh speed limit continues up the hill on the south end of town – past the DIF/Red Cross collection stop that is usually there – it’s clearly marked. Everyone usually hits the gas after that stop but stick to 40kmh (until you see the 80kmh sign – it’s not that far) because that seems to be a fairly new speed trap.

August is the month to plant your beach chair in the sand, pop up some shade, grab a few noodles, a life vest or arm floaties – whatever your jam is – and keep cool in the ocean…and definitely get out on the water for one of our gorgeous sunsets.

Arizonans know this is monsoon season, which means lots of rain, wind and flash floods. Peñasco doesn’t see much of that rain, but Hwy. 85 and Hwy. 8 does, so watch for washed out roads and debris and water in the dips. The monsoon rains can dump a ton of water in a matter of minutes so always be careful. They’ve been pretty good about cleaning up debris and putting up warning signs but don’t rely on that.

Not too many events happenings this month, but the town will still be busy with lots of vacationers. Some businesses close for a few weeks here and there, as do we, so you might want to check your favorite haunt to see if they’ve altered their summer hours.

I know you’re all looking forward to the Labor Day Holiday Weekend and remember that we have extended border hours on Friday, September 2nd and Monday, September 5th. The Sonoyta/Lukeville border will be open until 10:00 PM on those two days ONLY!

Drive safely and have a super summer!


Lydia (Tita) of Casago showing me some of her handiwork for the boss’s birthday celebration. Encantame Estates SRO event over 4th of July weekend