Early summer is still a good time to fly fish Puerto Peñasco before the humid days of late summer and early fall. Summer fly fishing does require a plan, and here is one that I have used for years. Get out on the water early, pre light. I am geared up and ready to launch my kayak by daybreak. Along with the early start time I want the tide to be incoming or outgoing. Fish feed more aggressively on moving water. Because of my early start time I plan to be off the water before noon. I plan to enjoy the A/C, some music, and a book during the heat of the day, and plan on a leisurely meal after dark, at one of the many fine cantinas around town. I’ll probably make a stop at Thrifty Ice Cream after dinner. This plan is even better if you catch a few fish while on the water.

Vary your retrieve until you find one that the fish like. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow and steady, and some bites happen on the pause. Usually, saltwater retrieves are quick and erratic to entice your target fish. A very useful fly fishing knot is the non-slip loop knot. This knot allows your fly to move while being a dependable knot.

I always look forward to the return of summer Ladyfish and Sierra Mackerel. The Ladyfish and Sierra can be caught with Clouser Minnows and shrimpy looking Gotcha’s. I usually encounter Ladyfish in the estuaries and enjoy their ability to jump…jump…and jump again! I am talking world class jumps, while setting low in my kayak I am looking up at Ladyfish that have jumped higher than my head. Sierra hit hard and head for the horizon. They will take line and will bite you clean off until you put on some heavy bite tippet. I usually use 12-18 inches of 40-pound fluorocarbon above my fly. After landing several Sierra check your bite tippet it will be shredded after a few fish. I usually encounter Sierra’s in faster moving water. I hope you have the opportunity to introduce yourself to these great saltwater game fish.

Another summertime tip, have plenty of water & sports drinks to keep you hydrated. A cold lemonade Gatorade sounds good while out fishing. I try to have a cooler in the truck with more drinks just in case I run out while fishing. Some days you just can’t get enough to drink. Warm weather is a great time to wet wade, lose the waders you will be more comfortable. When wading, shuffle the feet to avoid stingrays. Hope to see you on the water soon.

Vince Deadmond the Retired Fly Fishing Hardware Guy can be reached at vincehasgonefishing@outlook.com or 480 818 1796.