Eddie Wharez with an Eddie StatueRecognition of local artists across many genres happens Saturday evening, January 18, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. Residents and visitors – everyone who enjoys, appreciates, and supports artistic endeavor – is invited to the 2nd Annual Eddie Awards, a gala evening of art exhibits, performances, and awards, which will take place at the Puerto Peñasco Municipal Auditorium. Candidates for awards must be Puerto Peñasco natives, or must have lived in Puerto Peñasco for the past 2 years.

The evening will showcase a broad spectrum of creative media, including visual arts such as painting and sculpture, creative writing, photography, and handicrafts, plus performing arts, including music and dance. Five judges will choose the winners from across all spectra of genres in the following categories: Individual Artist, Group Artists, and Young Artist – those under 25 years of age. Awards for a Senior Artist – established art professionals over 50 years of age, and an Out-of-Town Artist from Puerto Peñasco, whose outstanding performance throughout the year highlighted Puerto Peñasco on local, regional, national or international levels will be given. A sixth award will be a Viewers’ Choice award.

For a number of years local teacher, interior designer, and business owner Eddie Wharez pondered how to encourage local artists and interest in the arts, particularly those that highlight Puerto Peñasco. In particular he wanted to recognize Sra. Nina Mier, local artist, dramatic writer and patroness of the arts. The first Eddie Award was presented by Eddie and his students to Sra. Mier as a token of appreciation for her support and encouragement of local artists, as well as her efforts to provide artistic inspiration by bringing famous visiting artists to Puerto Peñasco,

Artists may be nominated for consideration for awards in Diseños Casa y Jardín, located on Rodeo Drive in Curios la Cholla, or on Facebook at Eddie Wharez Diseños de Casa y Jardín. Nominations must be received by January 10th.

The Puerto Peñasco Municipal Auditorium is located on Blvd. Benito Juarez, next door to the library, across the street from City Hall. There is no admission charge for this gala celebration of the arts in Puerto Peñasco.