GolfRockyPointMy long-time friend, who wanted to introduce his friend to Rocky Point, called me to ask for some guidance since he has not been in Puerto Peñasco for about ten years. I tried in vain to give directions to some high spots to my friend, and was reminded of how Rocky Point has changed in the past ten years, so we settled on his promise to call me after his arrival at their hotel. I decided that when they called, I would meet them, and perhaps give them a little tour.

Upon meeting my friend and his friend, I quickly learned that his friend’s chief interest is golf. My mission is to promote Puerto Peñasco, but honestly, I have left golf to the golfers, one of which I am not. I don’t understand the attraction of the game – I have always liked games in which the ball comes back. Tennis, for example. But this was not about me, it was about introducing Puerto Peñasco to a newbie, and doing a favor for a long-time friend.

We first headed to the Mayan Palace golf course, called Peninsula de Cortez Golf Club – what a pleasant surprise! The Jack Nicklaus-designed course is a shock to the eye – bright green amid the surrounding softer desert colors – beautifully maintained, and ever so inviting. The parking area and golf carts are a short walk from the club house, which is exquisitely appointed, and has plenty of seating inside and on the deck overlooking the golf course. Lunch, or perhaps a margarita, at the club house after a morning round of golf seems like a great way to wile away a morning.

Our next stop was The Club at Laguna del Mar, which also is a Jack Nicklaus-designed course. I told my guest that I have a friend who says he is very glad he learned to golf on the Laguna del Mar course, which usually has a wind from the sea, and is considered quite difficult to play. My friend says that when he plays other courses, he is surprised at how good a golfer he is. The course is lovely, and much of it overlooks the Cholla estuary, making it truly a seaside golf course. Unfortunately, the club house was not open, nor was posted any information that would guide a return visit.

It was after dark when we drove by The Links Golf Course on Sandy Beach, and because of its location so close to town, my guest, who just happened to have his clubs with him, decided to play at 7 the next morning. Despite the fact that we had no reservation or tee time, we were welcomed with open arms at 7 on a Thursday morning, and my golfer was off on his cart in nearly no time. My friend joined up with another lone golfer who was also in Puerto Peñasco for the first time, and who had no idea that there were two more golf courses that he might want to consider. They enjoyed the course, exchanged business cards, and another relationship was forged on the golf course, which I have learned is an excellent reason to learn the game.

When people ask what there is to do in Rocky Point, one of the many right answers is, “Golf! We have three gorgeous courses, each very different from the others, all of them sufficiently challenging for a good time.”